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Mingguang City held a press conference on the implementation of the "four get one free" double thousand project in 2019

2019.12.27 Interview Date: 2019.12.27

市经信局副局长刘成树 Interviewed guests: Liu Chengshu, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau

市政府8楼第一会议室 Live broadcast location: the first meeting room on the 8th floor of the municipal government

市委宣传部、市政府办 Organizer: Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Government Office

市政府政务公开办 Organizer: Municipal Government's Open Office

12月27日,明光市2019年“四送一服”双千工程开展情况新闻发布会在市政府8楼第一会议室召开,会议由市政府办公室主任於星主持,市融媒体中心、市政府网站、明光市人民政府发布、明光发布、明光先锋网等媒体参会。 Brief introduction to the interview: On December 27th, the press conference on the implementation of the "four get one free" double thousand project in Mingguang City in 2019 was held in the first meeting room on the eighth floor of the municipal government. , The city government website, the Mingguang City People's Government, Mingguang release, Mingguang Pioneer Network and other media participated in the conference.


Main responsibilities: (I) Implement national policies and laws and regulations on economy and informatization; draft and organize the implementation of the city's economic and informatization development plan, promote strategic adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, and promote informatization and industrialization Integration. (2) Monitor and analyze the economic operation situation and regulate the daily operation of the economy; formulate and implement the recent economic operation regulation goals and policies and measures, put forward opinions and suggestions on major issues in economic operation; collect, organize, analyze and release relevant economic information. Undertake emergency management, industrial security, and national defense mobilization related to industrialization and informatization. (3) To study, formulate and implement industrial policies, guide industry development and industry structure adjustment, and propose adjustment plans for key industries and products; guide industry quality management and production safety management; contact relevant social intermediary organizations. (4) Formulate and organize the implementation of plans and policies related to biomedicine and new materials in high-tech industries, guide the technological innovation and technological progress of industrial and information industries, promote the development of industrial high-tech industries, and coordinate the implementation of high-tech transformation of traditional industries To organize major scientific and technological projects in the industrial and information industries and to digest, absorb, and innovate imported technologies; to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in the city's industrial and information industries; to promote the industrialization of scientific research results; and to promote the combination of production, education, and research. (5) Organize the emergency dispatch and comprehensive transportation coordination of important materials, formulate emergency plans, coordinate and resolve major issues related to transportation, post and telecommunications in economic operation; coordinate and resolve major issues in energy production and market supply and demand; undertake management of the power industry And operation monitoring; responsible for the administration of the salt industry in the city. (6) Research and plan the investment layout of the city's industrial and information industries, and regularly publish project investment guidance directories; guide industrial enterprise investment and commercial bank loan directions other than state appropriations, conduct project registration and supervision, and incorporate them into the city's development and The total amount of the reform committee is balanced; it guides enterprises to use foreign capital, carry out international operations, introduce intelligence and international exchanges and cooperation, and is responsible for the supervision and inspection of the city's key technological transformation projects. (VII) Draw up and organize the implementation of policies and measures for energy conservation, comprehensive utilization of resources, and cleaner production promotion in industrial and information-related industries; participate in the formulation of relevant plans; guide and coordinate the development of industrial environmental protection and energy conservation and environmental protection industries; be responsible for wall material innovation And building material energy management. (8) Responsible for the supervision and management of non-coal mine safety production, responsible for the management of non-coal mine industry, guiding inspection of non-coal mine standardization construction and production safety management. (9) Responsible for the macro guidance for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and the non-public ownership economy, formulate policies and measures to promote entrepreneurship and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the non-public ownership economy, and coordinate and resolve relevant major issues. (10) Making overall plans to promote the city's informatization work, organizing the formulation of relevant policies and measures and coordinating major issues in the construction of informatization, promoting the integrated development of communication networks, radio and television networks, and computer networks, guiding and coordinating the development of e-government affairs, and promoting cross-industry and cross-sectoral development And the development, utilization, and sharing of important information resources, and bear the responsibility of information security management. (11) Perform the duties of the investor in accordance with the laws and administrative regulations such as the "Company Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "State-owned Assets Law of the Enterprise" in accordance with the authorization of the municipal government, supervise the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets of the enterprises under supervision, and strengthen the state-owned assets of enterprises Guide the advancement of the reform and reorganization of state-owned enterprises; promote the construction of modern enterprise systems in state-owned enterprises, and improve the corporate governance structure; participate in directing the financing of enterprises; and promote the strategic adjustment of the state-owned economic structure and layout. (12) Draft normative documents for the management of state-owned assets, draft relevant rules and regulations and check their implementation; guide the city's state-owned assets supervision and management in accordance with the law. (13) To undertake other matters assigned by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

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Release time: December 27, 2019 Spokesperson: Liu Chengshu, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau  

Dear media and press friends,

Hello everyone!

2019年“四送一服”双千工程工作在市委、市政府工业强市战略指导下,我们“四送一服”双千工程工作思路是“送新发展理念、送支持政策、送创新项目、送生产要素,服务实体经济”。 Under the guidance of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government's strategy of strengthening the industrial city in Mingguang City in 2019, the work idea of the "four get one service" double thousand project is "send new development concepts, send support policies, and send innovative projects." Send production factors to serve the real economy. " Mingguang's "Four Frees, One Service" work has been carried out steadily, which has become a highlight of the city's implementation of the "Industrial Strong City" strategy, and has been highly recognized by leaders at all levels and sincerely praised by many entrepreneurs. 2 In 019, the "four get one service" double-thousand project in the city mainly carried out the following eight aspects of work:

The first is to accurately classify and solve problems. ABCD四类,按照 “一个企业、一套方案、一名领导、一支队伍”“四个一”服务模式,开展“企业不跑我来跑,企业不会我来教”“营养师式” 精准帮扶 This year, we divided the regulatory companies into four ABCD categories according to their financial contributions . According to the "one enterprise, one plan, one leader, one team" and "four one" service model, we launched the "enterprise does not run, I run." , The company will not let me teach "" nutritionist-style " precision help . From January to December, there were 28 city leaders, 70 municipal units, and the principals of townships and streets in the city. They visited more than 1,600 research companies and collected and sorted out 325 issues such as corporate funds, labor, and costs. At present, they are in place 324 cases, accounting for 99.6%. The “difficulty, pain, and blockage” of the enterprise were effectively solved, and the vitality of development continued to increase.

The second is a variety of delivery services. Focus on training to send ideas. “明光市促进民营经济发展暨四送一服送发展理念培训会”,开展工商联系统“四送一服”双千工程政策培训讲座。 This year, a number of "Mingguang Promotion of Private Economic Development and Four Get One Free Service Development Concept Training Seminars" were held, and the "Four Get One Free Service" double-thousand project policy training seminar was held. “政策汇编”,发放至全市100多家规上企业手中。 The policies were sent through various channels , and the documents supporting the development of the real economy of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and Luzhou City and Mingguang City were organized into a "policy compilation" and distributed to more than 100 regulated enterprises in the city. Organize groups to deliver policy services to guide companies on how to make good use of policies and use them to get tangible benefits. A TV interview column for “Policy Direct Train” was opened, and the heads of 9 municipal departments were invited to record policy interpretation programs. "A la carte" service to send items. A、B、C、D四个类型117家规上不同层次需求开展“菜单式”服务。 The "menu-style" service is provided for different levels of requirements of 117 domestic regulations of A, B, C, and D types. For example, on April 9th, Xu Longping, chairman of Long Lead Corporation, listed assistance needs as a "menu." On April 10th, we immediately organized 12 units to focus on enterprises to provide precision services. At present, "la carte" services have been carried out for 12 companies, all of which have achieved good results. “点菜式”服务13次。 Up to now, the "la carte" service has been carried out 13 times.

The third is to accurately transfer elements. 12次,解决企业用工5300人。 Employment matching . This year, the Economic Development Zone Management Committee and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau carried out employment matching for enterprises 12 times, and solved 5,300 employees. Financing docking 12 times, helping enterprises to raise 990 million yuan (among them, 360 million yuan for government and banking, 110 million yuan for tax financing, and 520 million yuan for bridge loans). Started Anhui Meiyue Printing Co., Ltd.'s stock reform in the provincial science and technology board. 2800万元,其中滁州中安基金、明光国税基金分别投资利拓智能科技2000万元、800万元。 Actively expand direct financing of enterprises to realize equity financing of 28 million yuan, of which Luzhou Zhongan Fund and Mingguang State Tax Fund invested 20 million yuan and 8 million yuan respectively in Lito Intelligent Technology. 5个、供地674.96亩, 10余家企业办理不动产权证55本。 For land use docking , the Economic Development Zone, Natural Resources Planning Bureau, and Housing and Construction Bureau completed 5 land element projects with a land supply of 674.96 acres and handled 55 fixed property certificates for more than 10 enterprises. In addition, science and technology docking and judicial docking have also been carried out.

“一企一策”助力实体经济发展。 Fourth, "one enterprise, one strategy" helps the development of the real economy. 17篇,并会同相关部门制定“一企一策”帮扶帮办建议书17份,助力企业发展,同时,对企业反映的属本级层面的问题, 做到 “凡事有交代、件件有着落、事事有回音”。 The Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology organized a person to conduct in-depth research on key enterprises, wrote 17 special research reports , and worked with relevant departments to formulate 17 "one enterprise, one policy" proposal for helping and assisting the development of the enterprise. At the level of issues, we must "explain everything, everything is down, and everything has an echo."

“一卡通”。 Fifth, the green card "One Card". “一卡通”制度》,首批为全市重点企业和重点项目的18位企业家发放“服务绿卡”,第二批发放9人,第三批发放4人,持卡人可以享受十个系列暖心工程。 The city issued the "One Card" system for Mingguang entrepreneurs' green services , the first batch of which issued "service green cards" to 18 entrepreneurs in key enterprises and projects in the city, with 9 for the second wholesale and 4 for the third wholesale. Cardholders can enjoy ten series of heartwarming projects.

“两握手制”。 Sixth, there is a "two handshake system" between public security and enterprises in the park . “两握手制”实施意见》,由特巡警大队、园区派出所、乡镇派出所等组织专员每天上午、下午两次进企业,做到了“白天见警察,晚上见警灯”。 This year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau issued and implemented the " Opinions on the Implementation of the" Two Handshake System "for Public Security and Enterprises in the Mingguang City Park. Police, see the lights at night. "

“手拉手”。 Seventh, hold hands together to develop the group . 5月29日组织28家机械类企业召开产业配套座谈会,推动企业实现本地产品配套,友凯机床公司达成与誉亿智能科技公司的配套,皖能电气从京通旺公司购买电力及排水管道, 采购600万元左右设备,提升本地产品配套率,预计降低成本20万元左右。 Establishing Mingguang City's industrial chain supporting and cooperation. On May 29th, 28 mechanical enterprises were organized to hold industrial supporting forums to promote enterprises to achieve local product matching. Youkai Machine Tool Company reached a supporting package with Yuyi Intelligent Technology Company. Wanneng Electric started from Jingtongwang Company purchases power and drainage pipes, purchases about 6 million yuan of equipment, improves the local product matching rate, and is expected to reduce costs by about 200,000 yuan. Since the beginning of this year, the recommending companies have participated in more than 20 domestic and overseas exhibitions, and signed more than 20 orders with a total value of USD 1.05 million.

Eighth, accurate assessment and assistance units. 35个职能部门不同的工作职责,每家制定出一个考核细则,实行精准帮扶考核。 This year, we have formulated a detailed assessment rule for each of the 35 functional departments of the municipal government to implement accurate assistance assessment. 15 kinds of assessment rules for 15 towns and streets. The "four get one free service" and the evaluation scores of enterprise assistance work are included in the target performance evaluation of municipal government agencies and township streets.

  Effectiveness of "Four Frees, One Service" Double Thousand Project in 2019

First, it was highly affirmed by superior leaders. “四送一服”营商环境服务企业的一系列暖心工程做法,先后受到李国英省长、省“四送一服”办、省政府督查室高度认可和表扬。 A series of warm-hearted engineering practices of the city's "four get one free" business environment service enterprises have been highly recognized and praised by Governor Li Guoying, the provincial "four get one free" office, and the provincial government inspection office. The National “Four Classics” inspection team highly appraised our city's approach when inspecting related enterprises. Liu Mingping, the leader of the Provincial Working Group and the vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, highly appraised that Mingguang's "Four Frees, One Service" work was carried out rigorously, meticulously and carefully, and the experience and practice were worth promoting; October 23, the People's Government of Quzhou The on-site meeting was held in Mingguang to create a business-friendly environment promotion project. Mayor Xu Jiwei attended the meeting and fully affirmed that Mingguang created a business-friendly environment. He believed that the experience and practices are worth studying, learning from, and promoting. They are required to take it seriously. . The comrades of the Provincial Working Group, when evaluating the assistance of Mingguang's enterprises, thought that there were temperature, strength and depth. They also introduced us to two groups of merchants to inspect and invest. “非常优”,企业帮扶工作“非常实”,创新机制“非常好”。 After the site inspection, Jiang Hongxiang, deputy director of the Provincial Government Inspection Office, evaluated Mingguang's business environment as "very good", the company's assistance work was "very solid", and the innovation mechanism was "very good."

The second is to win praise from enterprises. “明光把企业家当自己人,我很感动,我个人愿意落户明光,愿意做明光的市民。”来自福建莆田的安徽三棵树涂料有限公司洪广,也深情的说:“明光的服务让我有愧疚感,我决心扎根明光把企业做好,否则对不起明光市委市政府及明光人民。”。 Tian Haichang, chairman of Anhui Hengguang New Material Technology Co., Ltd., who came to Mingguang to invest and set up an enterprise, said: "Mingguang regards entrepreneurs as his own, I am very moved. I am personally willing to settle in Mingguang and be a citizen of Mingguang." From Putian, Fujian Hong Guang of Anhui Sankeshu Paint Co., Ltd. also said affectionately: "Mingguang's service makes me feel guilty. I am determined to take root in Mingguang and do a good job of the company, otherwise I'm sorry for the Mingguang Municipal Party Committee and the people of Mingguang." Gong Jian, General Manager of Mingguang Liquor Company, said: "Thank the government for providing us with warmhearted care. We should redouble our efforts to be a good company, make more contributions to the construction of Mingguang, and spread the care that the government has given us to the company. An employee makes every employee have a sense of gain, satisfaction, and live up to the government ’s love and expectation of us. "Said Zhu Yongbing, general manager of Mingguang Lesifu of a French-owned company. The business environment is praised! Thanks to governments at all levels for their care of enterprises! "

“四送一服”双千工程工作,按照市委、市政府工业经济目标和工作指导方针,继续擦亮营商环境金字招牌,撸起袖子加油干,攻城拔寨向前冲,继续招大引强、精准帮扶, 全力打造中国水性涂料之都 ”,再创明光工业新辉煌。 In the next step, we will conscientiously implement relevant provincial and municipal work deployments, adhere to the normalization of the "four get one service" double-thousand project, and continue to polish the golden signs of the business environment in accordance with the industrial economic goals and work guidelines of the municipal party committee and municipal government. He rolled up his sleeves and started to work hard, siege the city and move forward, continue to recruit big and powerful, accurate help, and make every effort to create " China's water-based paint capital ", and create new glory for Mingguang Industry.

1. Grasp the docking of elements and solve practical problems.

2. Grasp corporate visits to ensure satisfaction .

3. Grasp the use of the platform and use its power to solve difficult problems.

4. Grasp the propaganda report and create a golden signboard.

Thank you for your report!

Moderator Yu Xing: Enter the media question section below, I hope everyone will actively ask questions.   

什么是“四送一服”? Shirong Media Center Reporter: What is "four get one free"?

2017年9月份开始 ,面向全省企业实施 “四送一服”双千工程,即组织千名机关干部,深入千家企业,送新发展理念、 送支持政策、送创新项目、送生产要素,服务实体经济,构建亲清政商关系,确保全省经济平稳健康发展 Liu Chengshu: In order to effectively solve the outstanding difficulties and problems faced by the development of the real economy, continue to provide excellent services, stable growth, and promote transformation, and strive to create a good environment conducive to the development of the real economy, Anhui Province has been facing the entire province since September 2017 . The enterprise implements the "Four Frees, One Service" double-thousand project, that is, organizing thousands of government officials to penetrate thousands of enterprises, send new development ideas, send support policies, send innovative projects, send production factors, serve the real economy, and build pro-clear government-business relations to ensure that The province's economy is developing steadily and healthily

请问我市是如何开展精准分类帮扶? City government website reporter: How does our city carry out accurate classification assistance?    

根据 2018年财政贡献情况,将我市规上工业企业分为A、B、C、D四类,其中A类企业2018年财政贡献在1000万元以上,B类企业2018年财政贡献在300万元—1000万元之间,C类企业2018年财政贡献在100万元—300万元之间,D类企业2018年财政贡献在100万元以下。 Liu Chengshu : According to the financial contribution in 2018, the industrial enterprises in our city are divided into four categories: A, B, C, and D. Among them, the financial contribution of Class A enterprises in 2018 is more than 10 million yuan, and the financial contribution of Class B enterprises in 2018. Between 3 million and 10 million yuan, the financial contribution of Class C enterprises in 2018 was between 1 million and 3 million yuan, and the financial contribution of Class D enterprises was less than 1 million yuan in 2018. It is clear that 43 A, B, and C-listed companies and 26 companies that are to be promoted will be assisted by 28 city leaders, 67 D-listed companies and other companies will be led by 70 municipal departments and townships. Leaders take the lead in helping.

绿卡企业可享受哪些优惠服务? Mingguang reporter: What preferential services can green card companies enjoy?

:持卡企业家在明光享受“点菜式”上门服务, “营养师式”精准服务,主要包括:健康服务绿色通道、子女入学专道通、司法援助律师免费服务 人才家人有保障、金融服务直通车、通信服务送上门、明光景点“免费通”、明光加油专用道、政务服务无障碍、特殊交通运输业务保障制等十多种优待政策和贴心服务。 Liu Chengshu: Cardholders enjoy “la carte” on-site services in Mingguang, and “nutritionist” precision services mainly include: green channels for health services, special channels for children's enrollment in schools, free legal aid lawyer services , and qualified families More than ten kinds of preferential policies and caring services such as financial service through train, communication service delivery, Mingguang scenic spots "free pass", Mingguang refueling special road, government service accessibility, special transportation business guarantee system, etc.

Host Yu Xing: Today's press conference is over, thank you!

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