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Mingguang City Holds Press Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education

2019.12.27 Interview Date: 2019.12.27

市卫健委主任谢芳 Interview guest: Xie Fang, director of the Municipal Health and Health Committee

市政府8楼第一会议室 Live broadcast location: the first meeting room on the 8th floor of the municipal government

市委宣传部、市政府办 Organizer: Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Government Office

市政府政务公开办 Organizer: Municipal Government's Open Office

12月27日,明光市健康促进与健康教育新闻发布会在市政府8楼第一会议室召开,会议由市政府办公室主任於星主持,市融媒体中心、市政府网站、明光市人民政府发布、明光发布、明光先锋网等媒体参会。 Brief introduction to the interview: On December 27, the Mingguang City Health Promotion and Health Education Press Conference was held in the first meeting room on the 8th floor of the municipal government. The meeting was chaired by Yu Xing, director of the Municipal Government Office. The city's media center, municipal government website, and Mingguang City Media released by the People's Government, Mingguang, Mingguang Pioneer Network and other media participated in the conference.


Main responsibilities: (I) To implement the laws, regulations and policies and policies and standards of the state, province, and Chuzhou City for the development of health and traditional Chinese medicine. Study and formulate the target plan, policies and measures for the city's health reform and development. Make overall plans for the city's health and health service resource allocation, and guide the preparation and implementation of the city's health and health plan. Formulate and organize the implementation of policies and measures to promote equalization, inclusiveness, convenience, and extension of public resources to the grass-roots level of basic public health services. (2) Coordinate and deepen the reform of the city's medical and health system, and study and put forward suggestions for policies and measures to deepen the reform of the medical and health system. Organize the deepening of the comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the city, promote the separation of management and operation, improve the modern hospital management system, formulate and organize the implementation of policies and measures that promote the diversification of the main bodies of health and health public service providers and the methods of providing them, and put forward proposals for medical services and drug price policies . (3) Formulate and organize the implementation of the city's disease prevention and control plan, immunization plan, and intervention measures for public health problems that seriously endanger people's health. Responsible for health emergency work, organize and guide the city's public health emergency prevention and control, and various types of public health emergency medical rescue. (4) Organize the formulation and coordination of policies and measures to cope with the aging of the population, and be responsible for advancing the construction of the elderly health service system and the integration of medical care and maintenance. (5) Implement the national drug policy and the national essential drug system, carry out drug use monitoring, comprehensive clinical evaluation, and early warning of shortage of drugs, and put forward suggestions for the national essential drug price policy. Organize food safety risk monitoring and evaluation. (6) Responsible for the implementation of public health supervision and management of occupational health, radiation health, environmental health, school health, public place health, drinking water health, etc. within their responsibilities, responsible for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, and improving the comprehensive health and health supervision system. Lead the implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Strengthen industry safety production work, guide and urge related enterprises and institutions to strengthen safety management. (7) Responsible for supervision and implementation of management measures for medical institutions and medical service industries, and establish a medical service evaluation and supervision management system. In conjunction with relevant departments, implement the qualification standards for health professionals, organize the implementation of medical service standards, local standards, and the rules and services for health professionals. (8) Responsible for family planning management and service, carry out population monitoring and early warning, study and put forward policy recommendations related to population and family development, and improve family planning policies. (9) Guide the city's health and health work, and guide the building of grassroots medical and health services, maternal and child health service systems, and general practitioner teams. Promote the innovation and development of health science and technology. (10) Undertake the supervision and management responsibilities of Chinese medicine medical treatment, prevention, health care, rehabilitation and clinical medication. Responsible for supervising and coordinating the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine in medical and research institutions, organizing a general survey of traditional Chinese medicine resources, promoting the protection, development, and rational use of traditional Chinese medicine resources, taking responsibility for protecting the dying traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment technology and traditional Chinese medicine production and processing technology, and organizing the development of traditional Chinese medicine Promotion, application and dissemination. (11) To guide the business work of the Municipal Family Planning Association. (12) Undertake the daily work of the Municipal Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, the Municipal Government's Leading Group for Local Disease Prevention and Control, and the Municipal Government's Working Committee on AIDS Prevention and Treatment. (13) Undertake other tasks assigned by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. (14) Function change. The Municipal Health and Health Committee should firmly establish the concept of general health and general health, promote the implementation of the bright light health strategy, use reform and innovation as the driving force, promote health, transfer models, strengthen the grassroots level, and focus on guarantees, and change the focus on treating disease to Focusing on people's health and providing people with a full range of full-cycle health services. The first is to focus more on prevention and health promotion, strengthen prevention and control of major diseases, actively respond to the aging of the population, and improve the health service system. The second is to pay more attention to shifting the focus of work and sinking resources, and promote the extension of public health resources to the grass-roots level, coverage to rural areas, and tilt to remote areas and people with difficulties in living. The third is to pay more attention to improving the quality and level of services, and to promote the equalization, inclusiveness and convenience of basic public services for health. The fourth is to coordinate and deepen the reform of the medical and health system, increase the reform of public hospitals, promote the separation of management and operation, and promote the diversification of the main bodies and methods of public health service provision.

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Release time: December 27, 2019 Spokesperson: Xie Fang, Director of the Municipal Health and Health Committee

Dear media friends, friends in the press:

good afternoon everyone! Welcome to the press conference on health promotion and health education in Mingguang City.

Mingguang City is an advanced unit of grassroots Chinese medicine work nationwide, a national health emergency demonstration county, a provincial health city, a provincial chronic disease prevention and control demonstration area, a provincial comprehensive AIDS prevention and control demonstration area, and “a hundred steps to go” Demonstration Area". The Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital successfully established a third-level Chinese medicine hospital, the Mingxi Subdistrict Community Health Service Center successfully established the provincial "medical and supportive community demonstration center", and Zhangbaling Town was named the first batch of healthy towns in Anhui Province. In November 2019, Mingguang City successfully passed the National Final Evaluation of Malaria Elimination on behalf of Anhui Province.

I. Overview of health promotion and health education

Health is an eternal topic for human beings, and maintaining health is everyone's right. At present, the incidence of chronic diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and infectious diseases related to health habits such as drug-resistant tuberculosis and hepatitis B remains high. According to a survey, nearly half of the diseased population in China's top 10 diseases are due to poor lifestyle and behavior. In our work and life, there are many factors that affect health, but they are summarized in four main areas: first, medical and health service factors; second, environmental factors; third, behavior and lifestyle factors; and fourth, biological factors. Among them, behavior and lifestyle factors are the most active and relatively easy to change. Studies have shown that as long as effective control of behavioral risk factors, reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking cessation, alcohol restriction, and psychological balance can greatly reduce acute and chronic disability and prolong life. At the same time, popularizing health knowledge through health education can arouse the masses to change bad behaviors, establish civilized and healthy lifestyles and habits, mobilize and coordinate relevant social units and individuals to fulfill their respective responsibilities for health and the environment, and cultivate health promotion factors to achieve The purpose of effective prevention and control of disease.

2. Health promotion and health education in our city

The party and the country have always put people's health issues first. In August 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the National Health and Health Conference: "Without universal health, there will be no comprehensive well-off." In October of the same year, the "Outline of the" Healthy China 2030 "Plan" was issued and the action plan was clearly defined. In October 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China on the implementation of the "Healthy China Strategy" and its integration into the overall development strategy of the country, which has great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. In order to implement the spirit of the National Health and Health Conference, Anhui Province successively formulated and issued the "Outline of the" Health Anhui 2030 "Plan," "Opinions on Further Strengthening and Improving Health and Health Work," and "The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" of Anhui Province. The Health and Health Plan further accelerates health promotion and health education to better meet people's health needs. Our city does well in health promotion and health education from the following seven aspects.

(1) Increase investment in safeguard funds. The city has included the funds required for the prevention and control of chronic diseases, health education and promotion work into the government budget. In 2018, a total of 780,000 yuan was allocated for the construction of a health supportive environment, the construction of self-service health testing points, and social factors for the prevention and control of chronic diseases. Surveys, outdoor large-scale publicity boards and various publicity materials are printed and distributed to ensure that the funds are used exclusively.

(2) Strengthening the construction of a healthy supportive environment. In 2018, the Municipal People's Hospital was evaluated as a "health promotion hospital" by the provincial health and health commission. In the same year, our city created 5 health units, 5 health communities, 5 health schools, 5 healthy restaurants (canteens, restaurants / hotels), 20 healthy families, 1 health street, 6 health huts, and health. There are 3 theme parks and 3 health trails. The stadiums of more than 20 units in the city have been opened to the society. In 2019, Meiyuan Health Theme Park, Minghu Park and Ziweiyuan Health Trail were newly built. 15 community fitness circles have been built in 10 communities in the urban area and equipped with fitness equipment to improve the fitness quality of residents in the community.

(3) Speed up the construction of testing points. All 17 township health centers (community health service centers) in the city have set up self-service health testing points to provide individualized health guidance with a coverage rate of 100%; 10 communities in Mingguang Street are equipped with self-service testing equipment. The special action of "three reductions and three health" was comprehensively promoted, with more than 160,000 healthy lifestyle brochures distributed, and more than 6,000 health support tools such as oil control cans and health gift boxes distributed, and the public's awareness of preventing and controlling chronic diseases continued to increase.

(4) Strengthen tobacco control. We will carry out in-depth smoking and tobacco control campaigns to achieve zero tolerance for urban and rural tobacco advertising. Actively promote the construction of smoke-free places such as smoke-free schools, government agencies, and medical and health institutions, with a coverage rate of 100%. City hospitals and city hospitals have set up smoking cessation clinics to provide short-term smoking cessation services. The smoking rate among people aged 18 and over in the city was 23.63%.

(5) Consolidate the health education network. Since 2018, the city has taken the opportunity to create a provincial chronic disease prevention and control demonstration zone and a provincial health city as an opportunity to further improve the city, township and village health education network. There are more than 300 full-time (part-time) health education instructors in the city. . All medical institutions and communities have set up health education publicity boards, and no less than 4 health lectures are held each year. We carried out 5 large-scale public health action themed publicity campaigns, received more than 2,000 consultations from citizens, distributed 600 “healthy gift boxes” and over 6,000 publicity materials.

(6) Innovate health promotion and health education methods. The first is to form a "healthy bright light" synergy. Adhere to the people's health as the center, closely integrate the health education work with the construction of provincial sanitary cities and provincial civilized cities, and make overall planning, integrate resources, and unified deployment to build a comprehensive health supportive environment. The second is to rely on publicity for cultural and sports activities. In recent years, the city has incorporated elements such as healthy lifestyle, skills and knowledge of prevention and control of chronic diseases in various cultural and sports activities such as square dance competitions, cycling, and hiking to rapidly improve the health literacy level of the people. The third is to use the people around them for health promotion. The city's health and health departments take the initiative to cultivate healthy lifestyle instructors in the mass fitness teams and fitness spots such as bicycles and square dances in the city, and use the people around them to carry out health promotion.

(7) Strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of health factors. Since 2014, the city has established a death cause monitoring and reporting system and conducted statistical data analysis and risk factor intervention every year. In 2017, 3,000 adults over the age of 18 were randomly selected and comprehensively applied sociological, epidemiological, and management theoretical methods to conduct a chronic disease and nutrition monitoring survey. In 2018, he participated in national health literacy and tobacco epidemic surveillance. The health literacy level of urban and rural residents in the city has been further improved, and the awareness rate of core knowledge of key chronic diseases among residents has reached 61.5%.

Third, the next work plan

(1) Establish and improve working mechanisms. Draft health education and health promotion development plans, incorporate health education and health promotion work into government priorities, and form a government-led, multi-department joint work coordination mechanism. Advocate the concept of health first, health education first, strengthen communication and coordination among various departments, and promote the implementation of "integrate health into all policies."

(2) Improve and perfect the work network. Establish a health promotion work network covering urban and rural communities, hospitals, schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions, and establish a health promotion network staff team and corresponding work system. Establish a network of health education professional institutions with health education professional institutions as the core and cover the medical and health institutions in their jurisdictions, give full play to the role of health education professional institutions, and provide technical support for health education and health promotion work of all units in the jurisdiction.

(3) Strengthen training and improve capacity. Take a variety of forms, provide training for different units and personnel categories, be fully familiar with basic content such as health literacy, tobacco control, eugenics, etc., and master basic professional skills such as the design and production of health communication materials, health lectures and health consultations, community diagnosis, and field investigation . To improve the awareness and working ability of townships (streets), relevant departments, and professional institutions on health education and health promotion.

(4) Strengthen comprehensive interventions for health promotion. Fully integrate key health education and health promotion tasks such as health literacy promotion actions, healthy China tours, hundreds of millions of farmers' health promotion actions, universal health lifestyle actions, national basic public health service health education projects, and health science popularization, and fully utilize the project to our city Driving and promoting role of health education and health promotion.

(5) Construction of places and public environments that promote health. Construction of healthy communities, healthy villages, healthy families, and health promotion hospitals, schools, units, associations and other health promotion sites has been carried out across the city, giving full play to their role of demonstration and radiation, and improving people's health literacy.

(6) Actively promote healthy lifestyles. Guide residents to establish a scientific health concept of reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking cessation, alcohol restriction and psychological balance, and implement special actions to reduce salt, oil, sugar, healthy oral cavity, healthy weight, and healthy bones, and advocate that "everyone is their own health "One responsible person" concept, and constantly improve the health level of the people.

Thank you for your report!

Moderator Yu Xing: Enter the media question section below, I hope everyone will actively ask questions.

Reporter from City Media Center: What is "Three Minus Three Health" action?

Xie Fang answered: "Three minus" is to reduce salt, oil, and sugar, and "three health" is to healthy mouth, healthy weight, and healthy bones. The actions to reduce salt, oil, and sugar are mainly catering professionals, children and adolescents, and family chefs. The action for healthy oral cavity is mainly for children and adolescents and the elderly. The action for healthy weight is mainly for occupational groups and children and adolescents. Mainly young and old.

City government website reporter: What are the four cornerstones of health and a healthy supportive environment?

Xie Fang A: The four cornerstones of health are a reasonable diet ; moderate exercise; smoking cessation and alcohol restriction; psychological balance . Healthy supportive environments refer to various environments that promote the public to improve their knowledge of health, master the skills of healthy living, and practice healthy behaviors. Including health gas stations / health cabins, health canteens, health restaurants, health supermarkets, health units, health schools, health clubs, health communities, healthy families, health trails, health theme parks, and health districts, there are 12 categories. In 2020, the city will further increase the construction of a healthy supportive environment and continue to build more than 4 types of healthy supportive environments such as healthy theme parks.

Mingguang reporter: What is a healthy family?

Xie Fang: Healthy families are resident families that actively advocate healthy lifestyles, actively learn about health knowledge and skills, and practice healthy behaviors. Achieve family harmony, respect for the elderly, love the young, unite neighbors, help each other, and actively participate in community activities; the living environment of the room is clear, well ventilated, odorless, clean and hygienic; family members do not smoke, disrespect smoke, do not persuade smoke, and educate young People are non-smokers, no alcohol-absent members, and live and work regularly; tableware is clean and hygienic, chopping boards are separated from raw and cooked knives, food in the refrigerator is separated from raw and cooked food, and waste is sorted and assigned; prevent indoor air pollution; To improve the level of the home environment.

Mingguang Pioneer Network Reporter: Is there still a "Wanbuyiyou" activity in 2020?

Xie Fang replied: The "One Step for Everyone" activity is to actively respond to the call to action for Healthy China, to implement the spirit of the "Outline of Healthy China 2030 Plan" and the specific performance of related work on "Measures for the Construction and Management of National Models for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases" In 2019, for the first time, our city participated in the 4th National “Walking and Promoting” Walking Walking Incentive Competition. There were 534 members from 61 units in the city, and more than 300 members got full marks. It won the “Top 100 National Walking Walking Demonstration Zone”. , "Demonstration Zone Organization and Management Award" and other honors. In 2020, the fifth "Wanbuyouyou" Walking Competition will be held. Take this opportunity to hope more units and personnel to participate.

Host Yu Xing: Today's press conference is over, thank you!

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