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Mingguang City Holds Press Conference on Construction of Social Credit System

2019.12.27 Interview Date: 2019.12.27

市发改委副主任丁云飞 Interview Guest: Ding Yunfei, Deputy Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission

市政府8楼第一会议室 Live broadcast location: the first meeting room on the 8th floor of the municipal government

市委宣传部、市政府办 Organizer: Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Government Office

市政府政务公开办 Organizer: Municipal Government's Open Office

12月27日,明光市社会信用体系建设开展情况新闻发布会在市政府8楼第一会议室召开,会议由市政府办公室主任於星主持,市融媒体中心、市政府网站、明光市人民政府发布、明光发布、明光先锋网等媒体参会。 Brief introduction to the interview: On December 27, the press conference on the construction of Mingguang's social credit system was held in the first meeting room on the 8th floor of the municipal government. The meeting was chaired by Yu Xing, director of the Municipal Government Office. The city's media center, municipal government website, Mingguang The media issued by the Municipal People's Government, Mingguang, Mingguang Pioneer Network and other media participated in the conference.


Main responsibilities: (1) Research and put forward the city's national economic and social development strategy, medium and long-term planning and annual plan; study and put forward regulatory goals and policies for total balance, development speed and structural adjustment, and do a good job of social total demand and social supply The balance of important economic aggregates and the coordination of significant proportions. (2) to study and put forward suggestions for the implementation of the national fiscal and financial policies of our city, as well as policy suggestions for the use of important economic means such as investment, finance, credit, prices, foreign loans, and national reserves to regulate economic and social development; responsible for the adjustment of daily economic operations, Coordinate and resolve major issues in economic operations. (3) Responsible for industrial industry management, formulate industrial industry planning and industrial policies, and supervise and inspect the implementation; guide the adjustment of the industrial structure of the industry, propose adjustment plans for key industries and products; propose development strategies for high-tech industries, and study the technological progress of enterprises Policies and measures to promote technological innovation; research and coordinate major issues related to agricultural and rural economic and social development, link up special rural planning and policies; comprehensively analyze the implementation effects of fiscal, financial, industrial, and price policies; study and propose local investment and financing policies; compile Citywide corporate bond issuance plan. (4) Study major issues of economic system reform and opening up, organize the formulation of comprehensive economic system reform programs, coordinate related special economic system reform programs, put forward suggestions for improving the socialist market economic system, and guide and promote the overall economic system reform. (5) Propose the total scale of fixed assets investment in the city, plan the layout of major projects and productivity; study and propose major policies in the field of investment and construction; comprehensively prepare the annual investment plan for fixed assets in the city's financial budget, arrange financial constructive funds, and various policy Special construction funds; guide and supervise the use of foreign loan construction funds, guide and supervise the use of policy loans; arrange government-funded construction projects as well as major foreign investment projects and overseas investment projects; encourage and guide private investment; arrange plans for key city construction projects , Implement the management of key projects according to the division of labor; organize and manage the inspection of major projects. (6) Study and analyze the supply and demand situation in and outside the city market, be responsible for the balance of major commodities and macro-control; formulate the total import and export plan of important agricultural products, industrial products and raw materials; monitor the implementation of the plan; Plan for adjustments; study and put forward recommendations for the storage of important commodities; organize and formulate city-wide service industry development plans and key regional wholesale markets and key factor market development plans to guide the establishment of the city's market system; and propose strategies and plans for the development of modern logistics. (7) Promote sustainable development strategies, put forward policy recommendations for coordinated development of economic development and population, resources, and environmental protection; study and formulate comprehensive plans for resource conservation, participate in the preparation of ecological construction plans, propose policies for comprehensive utilization of resource conservation, and coordinate ecological construction Major issues of comprehensive utilization of resources and resource conservation; organizing and coordinating environmental protection industry work; proposing policies for the city's land resources management, development, utilization and protection. (8) Study and analyze the development of regional economy and urbanization, prepare regional economic development plans; propose urbanization development strategies and major policies and measures; formulate and organize the implementation of economic development plans and work-for-work plans to assist poor areas; organize, coordinate, Handle resettlement and economic development of the reservoir area. (9) Study and put forward the city's social undertaking development strategy and major issues of coordinated economic and social development; be responsible for the balance between education, culture, health and other social undertakings, as well as the balance between national defense development and national economic development, and formulate long-term and annual plans for social undertaking development in the city Research and propose policies to promote employment, improve social security and coordinated economic development; coordinate major issues of employment, income distribution, and social security. (10) Study the status of the economy of multiple ownerships, put forward suggestions for optimizing the ownership structure and corporate organizational structure, and promote fair competition and common development of enterprises of various ownerships; study and propose policies and measures to promote the development of non-state-owned economies, and coordinate major development issues . (11) Research and put forward development strategies, aggregate balance, and structural optimization goals and policies for the use of foreign capital; prepare and utilize plans for loans from international financial organizations, foreign government loans, and commercial loans, and be responsible for total caliber control, structural optimization, and Monitoring work. (12) To formulate and formulate the city's national economic and social development and economic system reform programs; to participate in the drafting and implementation of relevant administrative regulations; to study relevant laws and regulations and major guidelines, policy implementation and to make policy recommendations. (13) Implementing laws, regulations, policies and policies on price; responsible for the promotion of price regulations and policies; responsible for the implementation of the price regulations on goods and services formulated by the national and provincial and Chuzhou city price administrative departments and relevant departments; responsible for The city's price administrative law enforcement work, organizes and directs price supervision and inspection, accepts reports of price violations, and investigates and deals with major price violations. (14) Study and formulate the city's overall price level annual control targets and mid- and long-term control plans and control measures, establish and improve the price monitoring and control system; be responsible for the investigation of the cost of major industrial and agricultural products, public utilities and circulation expenses; be responsible for and guide the price monitoring And the release of price information; the establishment of a price adjustment fund system in accordance with the law; the comprehensive use of economic, legal and necessary administrative means to regulate market prices. (15) Study and draft local price regulations, formulate local pricing catalogs; establish and implement a price hearing system and price announcement system. (16) Responsible for the city's price certification, price certification management, and supervision; organize and guide the price evaluation and verification of various intermediary agencies; guide and supervise various types of confiscated, stolen, auctioned, mortgaged, and used car transactions Price assessment, certification and auction floor price determination; participating in the evaluation of state-owned assets and real estate prices. (XVII) Guide and supervise the city's price management work; train grass-roots and enterprise price personnel, guide enterprises to make good use of pricing power and establish internal price constraint mechanisms; guide industry organizations in price self-regulation. (18) Responsible for population verification, registration, fund distribution, and resettlement petitions for large and medium-sized reservoirs in the later period. (19) To undertake other matters assigned by the municipal government.

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Release time: December 27, 2019 Spokesperson: Ding Yunfei, Deputy Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission


Dear friends from the media and the press:

Hello everyone!

According to the provincial and Quzhou credit system construction work deployment, the construction of the city's social credit system revolves around the four aspects of government integrity, business integrity, social integrity and judicial credibility, and strives to create honesty, trustworthiness, self-discipline, and mutual trust Social credit environment, report on the progress of the construction of the city's social credit system is as follows:

信用制度标准体系不断完善 I. The credit system standard system is constantly improved

          The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of Mingguang's Social Credit System" as a programmatic document and action guide for the construction of the city's social credit system. Around the credit platform construction, information collection, joint rewards and punishments, and credit construction in the government, personal, and e-commerce fields, more than 30 credit system construction system documents have been formulated and introduced. The Municipal Credit Center established a work coordination and evaluation system, clarified the main points of the annual work, carried out target performance evaluation, and promoted the implementation of various tasks.

  Second, strengthen the breadth and depth of credit information collection

As of October, 52,729 pieces of double publicity data were generated, including 44,739 administrative licenses and 7,690 administrative penalties. The municipal credit platform has realized real-time sharing of credit information and one-click inquiry with the Anhui Government Service Network. Expanding the breadth and depth of the collection of credit information will increase the collection of financial, water, power, gas, heat and personal credit information. According to the requirements of the public credit information catalog, all credit information is collected and pushed to the provincial credit platform.

Third, strengthen the application of the list of joint disciplinary measures

“红黑名单”管理制度,截至目前我市共产生红黑榜数据925条,其中黑榜793条,红榜132条。 Relevant departments of the city have promulgated the “red and black list” management system in 11 key areas . So far, the city has produced a total of 925 red and black lists, of which 793 are black lists and 132 are red lists. Issued the “List of Joint Disciplinary Measures for Dishonest Acts in Mingguang City (2018 Edition)”, which proposed joint disciplinary measures against 11 industry sectors, cooperated with 46 departments, formulated 85 disciplinary measures, and built a discredited company. , The pattern of joint disciplinary measures for untrustworthy restrictions everywhere. “红黑名单”信息,做到“应查必查”“逢报必查”。 Urge all departments to embed the provincial credit platform joint reward and punishment system into the department's administrative approval, market supervision, public service and other information systems and specific work processes, and check and use the "red and black list" information before, during, and after the event to achieve "Should be checked" and "Should be checked every report".

Fourth, special governance for key areas of untrustworthy issues continues to develop

Carry out special treatment for dishonesty. In accordance with the relevant national and provincial deployments, carry out special governance of government affairs, financial, e-commerce and other areas of dishonesty. “假发票”、法院判决不执行、交通运输失信、论文造假和考试作弊、骗取保险、非法社会组织、慈善捐助失信、营业性演出市场虚假宣传及炒票、“假彩票”、假球黑哨和使用兴奋剂等19个经济社会领域失信重点问题专项治理,督促失信主体限期整改。 Fully carry out telecommunications network fraud, false information and rumors on the Internet, dishonesty in the financial field and Internet financial risks, poverty alleviation and dishonesty, unlicensed medical practice and illegal medical treatment, fake medicines, wage arrears, unreasonable low-cost travel, tax evasion and fraud “Fake invoices”, non-enforcement of court judgments, breach of trust in transportation, fraudulent thesis and cheating in examinations, fraudulent insurance, illegal social organizations, charitable donations, false propaganda and speculation in the business performance market, “fake lottery”, fake ball whistle and use Special treatment of 19 key issues of dishonesty in the economic and social fields, including stimulants, urged the subjects of dishonesty to rectify within a time limit. Implement the "Notice of the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission on Initiating the Work of Checking and Collecting Records of Dishonest Cases", and actively carrying out the work of verifying and collecting records of dishonest cases.

V. Significant demonstration of credit evaluation results

In accordance with the requirements for the construction of the credit system for SMEs in Chenzhou, Mingguang City actively launched construction pilots and issued the "Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Promotion of the Construction of the Credit System for SMEs in Mingguang City". “滁州市中小微企业信用信息共享服务平台”并推广使用。 With the support of the municipal government, the "Shengzhou Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Credit Information Sharing Service Platform" was successfully established and promoted. As of September 30, 2019, Mingguang City has completed the storage of basic information for 5,336 enterprises, and in the process, it has cumulatively issued 290 loan cards. Banking institutions within the jurisdiction of Quzhou City used this platform to complete 342 financing transactions with enterprises. Mingguang has sold 134 transactions, and at the end of August 2019, it completed the upgrade and transformation of the platform and successfully realized functions such as information desensitization and information query, which provided guarantee for the information security of corporate financing.

“得”,全面弘扬社会正能量。 To nearly 200 moral models at all levels and good people around them, carry out moral credit granting work, so that those who have virtues have " gain ", and fully promote the positive energy of society. A total of 104 ethics models who met the conditions and intended to apply and the moral credit of good people around them were granted a total of 104 credits, totaling 132.7 million yuan. Among them, personal credit was 13.7 million yuan, credit was 4.17 million yuan, enterprise credit was 120 million yuan, and credit was 110 million yuan.

Thank you for your report!

Moderator Yu Xing: Enter the media question section below, I hope everyone will actively ask questions.

公共信用信息归集的范围和数量是多少? Shirong Media Center Reporter: What is the scope and quantity of public credit information collection? Please introduce.

Ding Yunfei replied: Public credit information includes industry and commerce, taxation, prices, logistics, import and export, production safety, product quality, environmental protection, water conservancy construction, public resource transactions, food and medicine, medical and health, intellectual property, distribution services, engineering construction, electronics Focus on business, land and resources, transportation, contract performance, human resources and social security, education and scientific research, and comprehensively record and collect the credit information of social members generated and mastered in administrative, judicial and social management, and establish credit information Aggregation mechanism to ensure that credit records are true, accurate, complete, timely and traceable.

11月份,全市已归集部门49个,累计数据量8千1百多万条,其中:市公安局4百多万条,市人社局7千多万条。 As of November, the city has collected 49 departments, with a cumulative data volume of over 81 million, of which: the municipal public security bureau has more than 4 million and the municipal human resources bureau has more than 70 million.

City government website reporter: What specific measures are in place for disciplinary execution?

“红黑名单”管理制度,印发了《明光市失信行为联合惩戒措施清单(2018 年版)》措施清单中提出对 11个行业领域实施联合惩戒,46个部门配合开展,制定85条惩戒措施。 Ding Yunfei replied: The relevant city departments have issued 11 “red and black list” management systems in key areas , and issued the “List of Joint Disciplinary Measures for Dishonest Behavior in Mingguang City (2018 Edition)” . The department cooperated with the development and formulated 85 disciplinary measures.

The Municipal Court has included all those who fulfill the requirements for breach of trust in the breach of trust list database. 老赖 的生存空间,迫使其无立身之处。 Since 2019, the city court has issued a total of 2,893 person-breaking lists, 1,318 high-consumption restrictions, flight restrictions, high-speed rail, loan, financing and other financial activities, restricted participation in government procurement, bidding, and no legal representative of enterprises. The ground compressed the living space of Lao Lai , forcing it to have no place to stand. 老赖 信息,使 老赖 家喻户晓 、无处藏身,今年以来已公开曝光120人次。 At the same time, through newspapers, televisions, buses, square displays, community display boards, websites, WeChat and other media, the " Lao Lai " information was publicly exposed to the society , so that the " Lao Lai " were " well-known " and nowhere to hide. Since this year, 120 people have been publicly exposed. 执行悬赏 制度,今年以来已发布执行悬赏公告123人次,在本市车站、广场等人流密集场所广泛张贴,调动社会力量参与协助执行、查找 老赖 ,取得了较好的执行效果和社会效果。 The city court has explored the implementation of the " reward reward " system. Since this year, 123 reward notices have been issued. It has been widely posted in crowded places such as stations and squares in the city. It has mobilized social forces to assist in the implementation and search for " Lao Lai. " Implementation effect and social effect. A total of 148 judicial detentions, 4 fines, 6 restrictions on entry and exit, 4 cases of 4 cases of refusal to commit crimes by public security organs, 10 cases of criminal self-prosecution of refusal to commit crimes, and 10 executions of refusal to perform the court's effective judgment Strong warning effect.

Mingguang released reporter: How to carry out credit repair after the breach of trust? Please introduce.

Ding Yunfei replied: According to the severity of the consequences of dishonesty, the administrative punishment information is divided into administrative punishment information related to serious dishonesty and administrative punishment information related to general dishonesty.

From the date of administrative punishment decision, the minimum publicity period of the administrative penalty information related to general dishonesty behavior is three months and the maximum publicity period is one year. From the date of administrative penalty decision, the minimum publicity period of the administrative penalty information concerning the behavior of serious dishonesty is six months and the maximum publicity period is three years. When the maximum publicity period expires, the credit website will withdraw relevant information and no longer publicize it. The laws, regulations, and rules shall be governed by other provisions.

Information on administrative punishment involving general dishonesty. Credit repair applicants must provide relevant identity materials and fulfilled administrative penalty materials to the credit website, make a public commitment to credit repair, and verify after the credit website, and then withdraw after the shortest publicity period expires. Related public information.

Applicants for credit repair of administrative penalty information involving serious dishonesty shall refer to the Notice of the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Office of the People ’s Bank of China on Strengthening the Credit Supervision of Credit-Resistants, in addition to the requirements for credit repair of administrative punishment information of general dishonesty Gai Cai Cai Jin [2018] No. 893) required to take the initiative to participate in the special training on credit restoration and submit a credit report to the credit website. After verification by the credit website, the relevant public information was removed after the shortest publicity period expired.

Information on administrative penalties involving specific serious dishonesty is strictly publicized in accordance with the longest publicity period. Information on administrative penalties for orders to suspend production or business, or to revoke licenses or licenses in the fields of food and medicine, ecological environment, engineering quality, safety in production, fire safety, compulsory product certification, etc .; bribery, tax evasion, tax fraud, malicious evasion Debt, malicious arrears of goods or service fees, malicious arrears of wages, illegal fundraising, contract fraud, pyramid schemes, unlicensed business operations, manufacturing and selling counterfeit and shoddy products and intentional infringement of intellectual property rights, lending and borrowing qualification bidding, bidding and bidding, false advertising, Infringement on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers or investors in securities and futures, serious disruption of the order of cyberspace communication, and disruption of social order, etc., are punished with information on administrative penalties for suspension of production and business suspension, or cancellation of licenses and licenses; and laws, regulations, and rules have other Information on administrative penalties that are irreparable is publicized for the longest publicity period, and will not be repaired during the publicity period.              

:今天的新闻发布会到此结束,谢谢大家! Host Yu Xing : Today's press conference is over, thank you!

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