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About home water pressure

2019/12/10 [Message] Liu **: 12/10/2019
Since August this year, the dormitory of the former Yanhu Shopping Mall opposite Nanhu has been having water problems. The solar water pressure at home has been too low to reach the water company. Ask the water company and check. If there is a problem, it ca n’t be solved well. There are four families in a building. They can only wash their face and brush their teeth. The water for bathing is completely unavailable. This has a great impact on our domestic water. Where can I resolve this complaint
2019/12/16 [Reply] Mingguang Municipal Water Affairs Bureau (Flood Control Office): 2019/12/16

Dear author,

Hello! Thank you for your understanding and support of our work. The person in charge of Xinquan Water Supply Company has been contacted for investigation and processing. Since you cannot come to verify in the field, you will continue to arrange staff to handle the processing after you return.

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