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Is the underground parking space in Dongjun Community a civil defense parking space?

2019/12/05 [Message] Wang **: 2019/12/05
The gate of Dongjun Community is affixed with a civil air defense project sign. The underground parking space is now sold to the owner. Is the parking space a civil air defense space? Can it be sold? If it can be sold, according to the new rules of 2019, it is possible to apply for a title certificate with the house. Why can't the district handle it?
2019/12/06 [Response] Mingguang City Housing and Construction Bureau: 2019/12/06

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The East County underground garage is partly constructed as a civil air defense underground garage. According to national laws and regulations, it cannot be sold, it can only be rented, and the lease must not exceed three years. The property rights of a civil air defense garage belong to the state, and no one may invade it.

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