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Nanxiang Arc de Triomphe false quote external charges

2019/11/11 [Message] Wang **: 11/11/2019
The total sale price of the Nanxiang Arc de Triomphe house I bought was 630,000. I paid 5,000 yuan to 10,000 and paid 5,000 yuan. The house was bought in May 2018, but when I applied for a loan after 2019, the loan contract The total price of the house shown above is 620,000. Does that mean that the total price of the house I bought is 620,000? Where did I go for 5,000? Contact the sales department to not respond to the down payment and the 5,000 deposit sales request. I did not pay cash. All the card transfers have money developers. No reply. I hope the government can give me a reply.
2019/12/11 [Reply] Mingguang Market Supervision Administration: 2019/12/11

Hello Wang Xu,

In response to the problems you have reported, our staff have contacted you to communicate. Also interviewed the developer of "Arc de Triomphe".

Hello! Thank you for your understanding and support of our work.

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