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Announcement on Seeking Opinions on "Implementation Measures for Temporary Assistance in Mingguang City"

Solicitation date: 2019-02-26 / 2019-03-12 Status: closed

In order to fully implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the working requirements of “the bottom line, weaving secret networks, and building mechanisms”, adhere to the bottom line, high efficiency, and convergence, further improve policy measures, and give play to the role of the temporary relief system in poverty alleviation. According to the "Notice of the State Council on the Comprehensive Establishment of the Temporary Assistance System" ( Guofa [2014] No. 47), "Notice of the Anhui Provincial People's Government on the Comprehensive Establishment of the Temporary Assistance System" (Wan Zheng Mi [2015] No. 23) and the "Chengzhou People's Government Office on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Measures for the Temporary Assistance of Luzhou City" ("Zheng Zheng Ban [2018] No. 68)" and other provisions, combined with the actual situation of our city, the Civil Affairs Bureau has drafted the "Implementation Measures for the Temporary Assistance of Mingguang City". Individuals, before March 12, 2019, will send feedback to the Civil Affairs Bureau via email, phone, letter, etc.


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annex: "Implementation Measures for Temporary Assistance in Mingguang City" (draft for comments)

Mingguang Civil Affairs Bureau

February 26, 2019

Call for results
In order to improve the quality of normative documents, in accordance with the "Procedures for the Formulation of Normative Documents of Administrative Organs of Anhui Province", on February 26, the Civil Affairs Bureau issued the full text of the "Implementation Measures for Temporary Assistance in Mingguang City" (draft for comments) to the society and relevant units. Public comments and suggestions were solicited, and the comments and suggestions ended on March 12. I. Suggestions and feedbacks First, all sectors of society. No feedback suggestions were received from all sectors of society. The second is related units. The Civil Affairs Bureau solicited opinions and suggestions from relevant units through the OA system in writing. A total of 21 units responded, of which 1 unit proposed 3 amendments and 20 units had no comments. 2. Adoption of opinions It is recommended that the unit propose: Article 11 of Chapter III is added with the "Award Commitment Letter" or "Urban and Rural Residents Applying for Temporary Aid Commitment Letter". After the study of our bureau, the "6. Temporary Assistance Commitment Letter" was added to the submissions, and the original serial number 6-7 was postponed to 7-8. 3. As a result of policy adjustments, according to the “Announcement on the“ Announcement of the Cancellation List of Proof Items Established by the Regulatory Documents of the Anhui Provincial Department of Civil Affairs ”,” Chapter III, Article 3, Paragraph 3 was amended to read: “3. Emergency-type provision In the case of a statement of temporary difficulties in life, the expenditure type provides proof of major expenditures "; Article 3, paragraph 4, of Chapter III is amended to read:" 4. Declaration of family income and property status ".
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