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Content classification: General government, other, other Date of issue: 2019-12-19 19:26
Issuing agency: Mingguang People's Government Generated: 2019-12-19 19:26
effective date: 2019-12-19 19:26:28 Abolition time: Five years
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name Weigh: Mingguang Municipal Affairs Public Opinion Response System

Mingguang Municipal Affairs Public Opinion Response System

Release Date: 2019-12-19

2014〕127号)精神,结合我 实际,制定本制度。 In order to further strengthen the response to the public affairs of government affairs , this system was formulated in accordance with the spirit of the “Notice of the General Office of the Anhui Provincial People's Government on Establishing a Mechanism for Collecting, Governing, and Responding to Government Affairs Public Opinions” (Wan Zhengban Mi [ 2014] No. 127) .

Article 1. Organization. 委宣传部、 政府办、 公安局、 政府应急办、 信访局、涉事部门参加的政务舆情回应会商联席会议制度。 Establish a system of joint government and public opinion response meetings with the participation of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government Office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Government Emergency Office, the Municipal Letters and Calls Bureau, and the departments involved. 政务公开工作机构会同 网宣工作机构负责全 重大网络政务舆情分析、研判、处置和回应的监督、检查、指导等日常管理工作。 The daily work is conducted by the public affairs agency in conjunction with the municipal network publicity agency, which is responsible for the daily management of the city ’s major online government affairs public opinion analysis, judgment, disposal and response supervision, inspection, and guidance.

Article 2 Gathering points. 各级政府和政府部门提出的利益诉求、舆论关注的热点话题、反映部门作风建设、有效促进工作的意见建议以及其他敏感性较强的涉及群众切身利益的政务舆情信息。 In the Internet field, the people 's interests and demands of the governments and government departments at all levels in the city , hot topics of public opinion concern, opinions and suggestions reflecting the construction of the department's style, effective promotion of work, and other sensitive government affairs public opinions involving the people's vital interests information.

Article 3 Scope of collection. 内外主要网站、新媒体及微博、微信等涉及本 政务舆情信息。 Focus on the collection of public affairs information on major municipal and domestic websites, new media, Weibo, and WeChat .

Article 4 Working principles. “属地管理、分级负责”和“谁主管、谁负责”,注重源头防范、源头治理和源头处置原则;坚持主动应对、及时回应、科学处置的原则,把握好时、度、效。 Adhere to "local management, hierarchical responsibility" and "who is in charge, who is responsible", pay attention to the principles of source prevention, source governance, and source disposal; adhere to the principles of proactive response, timely response, scientific disposal, and grasp the time, degree, and effectiveness. Efforts should be made to improve the ability to co-ordinate, manage and deal with public opinion in government affairs.

Article 5 Collect time nodes. 政务公开工作机构、 政府办、 公安局、 政府应急办、 信访局和 政府相关部门要明确工作人员每天对收集范围内的网站及新媒体涉及我 (市区)的政务舆情信息进行巡查。 Municipal government open work agencies, municipal government offices, municipal public security bureaus, municipal government emergency offices, municipal petition bureaus, and relevant municipal government departments must clarify that staff members' daily affairs on the websites and new media in the collection range involve the government affairs of our city (urban area) Public opinion information is inspected.

Article 6 Division of responsibilities. Departments at all levels must respond to the public opinion on the network as soon as possible. 政府及其组成部门的政务舆情,由 政府办公室或政府职能部门按职责分工负责认领;属于 级职责范围的网络政务舆情,由 政府相关部门按职责分工负责认领;涉及 政府以及多层次、多部门的网络政务舆情,由 政务公开工作机构、 网宣部门负责认领。 The public opinion of government affairs that belongs to the municipal government and its constituent departments shall be claimed by the municipal government office or government functional department according to the division of responsibilities; the public opinion of online government affairs that falls within the scope of the municipal level of responsibility shall be claimed by the relevant departments of the municipal government according to the division of responsibilities; involving the municipal government and The multi-level and multi-sector public opinion on network government affairs is claimed by the public affairs agency and the municipal network publicity department. 1小时巡查一次;每天晚上(24点前)和节假日都要安排人员值班,每间隔2小时巡查一次。 The inspection and claim time is uniformly set as follows: workdays every day on weekdays, inspections every 1 hour; personnel on duty every night (before 24 o'clock) and holidays, inspections every 2 hours. 政务公开工作机构、网宣部门指定认领并记录在案、纳入考核。 For the public affairs of government affairs that need to be claimed, they must be claimed in time. If they are not overdue, they shall be designated by the public affairs agency of the municipal affairs and the online propaganda department, and shall be recorded and included in the assessment.

Article 7 Analysis and judgment. 政府相关部门要根据政务舆情内容、公众反应、跟帖情况、媒体介入程度、发展态势和可能造成的影响,做出预判,研究制定对策。 Relevant departments of the municipal government should make prejudgments and study and formulate countermeasures according to the content of government affairs, public reaction, follow-up, media involvement, development situation and possible impact. 政务公开工作机构、网宣部门召集相关部门进行会商研判,对事件的性质、舆情走势、可能出现的风险等进行及时准确的评估,提出预控处置意见,按程序报审后进行处置。 When necessary, the public affairs agency and the online propaganda department convened relevant departments to conduct consultations and judgements to make timely and accurate assessments of the nature of the incident, public opinion trends, and possible risks, and put forward suggestions for pre-control disposal. For disposal. 网宣部门负责安排网评员予以合理引导,掌握舆论主动权。 The municipal network propaganda department is responsible for arranging online commentators to give reasonable guidance and grasp the initiative of public opinion.

Article 8 Dealing with it. 2小时内将相关舆情及处置建议,报送本单位部门主要领导负责同志以及分管领导负责同志,同时抄送 政务公开工作机构、网宣部门。 For general online government affairs and public opinion involving related departments , the relevant public opinion and suggestions for disposal shall be submitted to the main department responsible comrades and sub-committee leaders within 2 hours through the establishment of the unit's online public opinion log and special public opinion reports . Comrades, at the same time copied to the public affairs work agencies and online propaganda departments.

政府相关部门认领后,按照 “网上问题、网下解决”的要求,将网络政务舆情处置和事件处置相结合,不断规范网络政务舆情办理工作流程,于5个工作日内形成本单位的网络政务舆情核实调查报告,如遇特殊情况,需要延长办理时限的,相关部门单位应在3个工作日内向 政务公开工作机构、网宣部门提出书面申请。 After claiming by the relevant municipal government departments, in accordance with the requirements of “online problems and offline solutions”, they will combine online government affairs public opinion handling with incident handling, and continuously standardize the online government affairs public opinion handling workflow, and form their own network within 5 working days. The government affairs public opinion verifies the investigation report. In case of special circumstances and needs to extend the time limit for processing, relevant departments and units should submit a written application to the municipal affairs open work agency and online propaganda department within 3 working days . 15个工作日内形成核实调查报告。 For issues left over from history, objectively it takes more time to investigate and verify public opinion. In principle, a verification investigation report must be formed within 15 working days after claiming . 政务公开工作机构、网宣部门核实衔接后,由 政务公开工作机构、网宣部门于 2小时内统筹报送 领导。 For the public opinion of major sensitive network government affairs, the relevant departments and units should promptly and actively verify the connection with the public affairs agency and the online propaganda department, and the municipal affairs publicity agency and the online propaganda department should make overall reports to the city leaders within 2 hours . 领导批示的网络政务舆情,要按相关程序交办、承办、督办,认真调查核实,妥善处理。 The public opinion on online government affairs approved by the city leaders shall be assigned, contracted, and supervised in accordance with relevant procedures, carefully investigated and verified, and properly handled.

Article 9 Timely response. 3个工作日内,在 政府网站、官方微博、微信等渠道回复,并链接到出现舆情的网站或论坛;涉及到媒体及网民关注度高、影响力大、涉及面广的回复内容,须报 政务公开工作机构、网宣部门会商审定后,于 5个工作日内在 政府网站、官方微博、微信等渠道统一发布。 Regarding the response content of general online government affairs public opinion, after being examined and approved by the main responsible comrades of the relevant departments, within 3 working days after forming the unit's online government affairs public opinion verification survey report , on the city government website, official Weibo, WeChat Reply through other channels, and link to the website or forum where public opinion appears; the media and Internet users have a high degree of attention, influence, and a wide range of replies, which must be reported to the public affairs agency and online propaganda department for consultation and review. It will be published on the city government website, official Weibo, WeChat and other channels within 5 working days .

Relevant departments and units should continue to pay attention to the development situation after the disposition of public opinion, prevent the repeated appearance of negative public opinion, minimize or reduce public guesses, and effectively reduce the adverse effects of negative information. Actively explore and promote the linkage and complementarity of government affairs microblogs, WeChat, mobile newspapers and government websites, and give play to the role of new media in disseminating government affairs information, guiding social public opinion, and unblocking public opinion channels.

Article 10 Strengthen leadership. 政府各部门要将网络政务舆情收集研判和回应工作列入本部门重要议事日程,要确定一名分管负责人和工作人员具体负责本部门网络政务舆情收集研判和回应工作,具体联系方式需报送 政务公开工作机构、网宣部门;要建立健全网络政务舆情 “收集、认领、研判、处置、回应”处理流程,做到及时发现、及时报告、及时处置、及时回应。 The various departments of the municipal government shall include the collection, evaluation, and response of online government affairs public opinion on the agenda of the department. A responsible person and staff shall be specifically responsible for the collection, evaluation, and response of online government affairs public opinion collection. The specific contact information shall be reported. Send to the public affairs agency and online propaganda department; establish and improve the “collection, claim, research, judgment, disposal, and response” process of online government affairs public opinion , so as to discover, report, dispose, and respond in time.

Article 11 Business training. 网宣部门配合政务公开工作机构做好相关业务培训工作,不断提高相关人员的政策把握能力、舆情研判能力、风险评估能力和回应引导能力,努力在全 形成正确面对舆情、遇事不躲不推、妥善处置事件、积极回应关切的良好工作氛围。 The municipal network propaganda department cooperates with the government's open work organization to do a good job in relevant business training, and constantly improves the ability of relevant personnel to grasp the policy, public opinion research, risk assessment, and response guidance, and strive to form a city-wide correct face of public opinion, trouble A good working atmosphere that can't avoid, properly handle incidents, and actively respond to concerns.

Article 12 Supervision and inspection. 政务公开工作机构积极配合网宣部门做好各部门日常网络政务舆情应对的跟踪管理工作,将网络政务舆情认领、处置、回应情况计入 政府政务公开工作目标管理考核分值。 The municipal affairs open work agency actively cooperates with the online propaganda department to do a good job of tracking and management of the daily online government affairs public opinion response of each department, and the online government affairs public opinion claim, disposal, and response are included in the municipal government's open government work objective management assessment score.

Article 13 Accountability. Responsible departments and personnel will be held accountable in accordance with law and discipline for those who have not paid enough attention to their work, and have not dealt with major issues or significant negative social impacts due to untimely, irresponsible, and inadequate disposal.

Article 14 Supplementary Provisions. This system will be implemented from the date of publication.

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