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Ask lead number: MJ00101180200 / 201912-67378 Category: Open system
Content classification: General government, other, other Date of issue: 2019-12-19 19:24
Issuing agency: Mingguang People's Government Generated: 2019-12-19 19:24
effective date: 2019-12-19 19:24:41 Abolition time: Five years
Text number: no turn off key word: Social review
name Weigh: Mingguang Municipal Government's Open Social Review System

Mingguang Municipal Government's Open Social Review System

Release Date: 2019-12-19

为加强政府信息公开社会评议工作,促进各级行政机关履行政府信息公开职责,保障公民、法人和其他组织依法获取政府信息,根据《中华人民共和国政府信息公开条例》(以下简称《条例》),结合本市实际,特制定本制度。 Article 1 In order to strengthen the social review of government information disclosure, promote administrative organs at all levels to perform their government information disclosure responsibilities, and ensure that citizens, legal persons and other organizations have access to government information in accordance with the Law, 》), In accordance with the actual situation of this city, specially formulated this system.

地方各级人民政府,政府各部门、各直属机构,以及法律法规授权管理公共事务的组织适用本办法。 Article 2. These measures apply to local people's governments at all levels, government departments, agencies directly under the law, and organizations authorized by laws and regulations to manage public affairs.

政府信息公开社会评议应坚持群众参与、客观公正、结果公开、注重实效、促进工作的原则。 Article 3. The public review of government information should adhere to the principles of mass participation, objectivity and fairness, open results, emphasis on effectiveness, and promotion of work.

政府信息公开工作主管部门负责组织实施本级政府信息公开社会评议活动。 Article 4 The competent department of government information disclosure is responsible for organizing and implementing the social review activities of government information disclosure at the corresponding level.

评议内容: Article 5 :

(1) Whether it designates an agency responsible for the daily work of government information disclosure of its administrative organ;

(2) Whether the government information is truthfully, comprehensively, timely, and accurately disclosed in accordance with the Regulations, following the principles of fairness, fairness, and convenience for the people;

(3) Whether government information is disclosed through government websites (department websites), government bulletins, and press conferences;

(4) Whether the government information disclosure work system has practicability and operability;

(5) Whether the disclosure procedure complies with laws and regulations and relevant regulations on government information disclosure;

(6) Whether the government information disclosure work has been recognized by the society and the public, and whether it can satisfy the masses' right to information, participation, expression and supervision.

评议方式: Article 6 Evaluation Method:

(1) Network review. Establish a comment column on the government website (department website) and accept the public supervision and evaluation;

(2) Supervision and evaluation. Establish complaint reporting telephones and public opinion boxes, etc., to accept public supervision and evaluation;

(3) Questionnaire review. Design questionnaires based on online reviews, the contents of supervision reviews, and hot issues reflected by the masses, and distribute them to all sectors of the society or publish them online, and accept supervision and assessment by the public;

(4) Special review. Representatives of people's congresses, members of the CPPCC, and democratic parties are invited as specially-appointed supervisory reviewers to form a supervisory review team to conduct thematic supervision and review. In principle, they are organized once a year.

评议程序: Article 7 Review Procedure:

Network evaluation and supervision evaluation are the main evaluation methods, and they are included in the normal management. They are carried out by the government information disclosure unit, and the government information disclosure authority is under unified supervision. Questionnaire evaluation, evaluation from various circles, etc. can be organized and implemented according to the following procedures as needed:

(1) Develop a review plan. Determine the supervision and evaluation organization, object, content, time, method steps, participants, etc., prepare the supervision and evaluation form, and publish it on the government portal website and the website of the unit being evaluated;

(2) Organize inspections and reviews. To take the form of listening to reports, checking materials, reading stand accounts, holding seminars, and requesting interviews to learn about the government information disclosure work of the unit under review;

(3) Conduct a questionnaire survey. According to the identified survey samples, the questionnaires were issued and collected uniformly, and the evaluations were summarized;

(4) Evaluate the government information disclosure work of the unit being evaluated. The evaluation results are divided into three levels of satisfaction, basic satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The results of the evaluation shall be reported to the competent government information disclosure department at the same level, and after approval, they shall be reported back to the unit under review and made public to a certain extent.

对评议意见和建议,具备整改条件的,被评议单位应当在接到反馈通知后 10个工作日内向本级政府信息公开工作主管部门书面报送整改报告;不具备整改条件的,被评议单位应当在接到反馈通知后10个工作日内向本级政府信息公开主管部门书面专题说明,待条件成熟时整改到位。 Article 8 For the comments and suggestions for review, if the rectification conditions are met, the unit under review shall submit a rectification report in writing to the competent department of government information disclosure at the corresponding level within 10 working days after receiving the feedback notice ; The appraisal unit shall, within 10 working days after receiving the feedback notice, give a written special explanation to the government information disclosure authority at the corresponding level, and rectify it when conditions are ripe.

The rectification report and thematic description of the unit under review shall be provided in a timely manner through online announcements, sending letters, holding seminars, and visiting visits.

对不依法履行政府信息公开义务的,按照《政府信息公开工作责任追究制度》处理。 Article 9 Those who do not fulfill their obligation to disclose government information in accordance with the law shall be dealt with in accordance with the "Responsibility Investigation System for Government Information Disclosure Work".

教育、医疗卫生、计划生育、供水、供电、供气、环保、公共交通等与人民群众利益密切相关的公共企事业单位,参照本办法执行。 Article 10 Education, medical care, family planning, water supply, power supply, gas supply, environmental protection, public transportation and other public enterprises and institutions that are closely related to the interests of the people, shall be implemented with reference to these Measures.

本制度由市政府政务公开工作领导小组办公室负责解释。 Article 11 This system is explained by the Office of the Municipal Government's Open Work Leading Group.

本制度自公布之日起施行。 Article 12 This system shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation.

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