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Ask lead number: MJ00101180200 / 201912-87289 Category: Open system
Content classification: Comprehensive government affairs, other Date of issue: 2019-12-19 19:21
Issuing agency: Mingguang People's Government Generated: 2019-12-19 19:21
effective date: 2019-12-19 19:21:59 Abolition time: Five years
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name Weigh: Mingguang Municipal Government Public Evaluation System

Mingguang Municipal Government Public Evaluation System

Release Date: 2019-12-19

根据《中华人民共和国政府信息公开条例》(以下简称《条例》)及有关规定,制定本制度。 Article 1 This system is formulated in accordance with the "Regulations on Disclosure of Government Information of the People's Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") and related regulations.

市政务公开办公室作为政府信息公开工作主管部门,会同市直相关单位、部门组成基层政务公开标准化规范化试点政府信息公开工作考核组,负责明光市政府信息公开工作考核的组织领导。 Article 2. As the competent authority for government information disclosure, the Office of Municipal Affairs Publicity, together with relevant units and departments directly under the municipal government, constitutes a government information disclosure work evaluation team at the grass-roots level for the standardization and standardization of government affairs disclosure.

基层政务公开标准化规范化试点领域政府信息公开工作考核坚持客观公正、民主公开、注重实效、促进工作、兼顾地域差异的原则。 Article 3 The evaluation of government information disclosure in the pilot areas of standardization and standardization of open government affairs adheres to the principles of objectivity and fairness, democracy and openness, emphasis on effectiveness, promotion of work, and consideration of regional differences.

试点领域政府信息公开工作纳入各明光市政府目标管理考核。 Article 4 The government information disclosure work in the pilot area is included in the objective management assessment of each Mingguang municipal government.

试点领域政府信息公开工作考评采取综合评议、网上评议、现场考核三种方式。 Article 5 The evaluation of government information disclosure in the pilot area adopts three methods: comprehensive evaluation, online evaluation, and on-site evaluation.

试点领域政府信息公开工作考核以下内容: Article 6 The evaluation of government information disclosure in the pilot areas shall include the following:

(1) The situation of the breakdown of the leading institutions, responsible units, and schedules for the pilot work of standardizing and standardizing open government affairs;

(2) Formulation and implementation of safeguard measures for carrying out pilot work on open, standardized and standardized government affairs;

(3) The compilation and update of public catalogues, standards, and flowcharts in the pilot areas of standardized and standardized open government affairs;

(4) The establishment and implementation of government information release confidentiality review and disclosure of government information systems upon application;

(5) The establishment and implementation of the information disclosure work evaluation system of each Mingguang municipal government;

(6) Actively publicize the contents of the pilot program for standardization and standardization of open-level government affairs;

(7) The implementation of the establishment of a pilot public place for standardization and standardization of public affairs at the grass-roots level, the form of government information disclosure and the convenience of the public;

(8) Accepting and handling reports, complaints, administrative reconsiderations, and administrative litigations of government information disclosure in the pilot area;

(9) Satisfaction of the masses with the pilot work of standardizing and standardizing open government affairs.
          Article 7   Basic-level government affairs openness, standardization and standardization, and pilot information disclosure work are implemented in a quantitative system of 100-percent system, which is conducted once a year. According to the scoring criteria, the assessment level is determined.
Article 8 The assessment results are divided into four grades: excellent, good, qualified, and unqualified. In principle, the grade of excellence does not exceed 20% of the total number of units assessed.

Article 9   If an administrative agency violates relevant regulations on government information disclosure during the year, the circumstances are serious and the impact is great, and the relevant responsible person will be punished according to law and discipline, and the annual assessment will be directly assessed as unqualified.

Article 10   Establish a system of rewards and punishments for the openness of standardized and standardized pilot information disclosure at the grass-roots level, and give commendation and rewards to sub-excellent units and individuals for assessment; notify those who fail the assessment, and make corrections within a time limit.

15天内完成整改,整改结果报市政务公开办公室;没有按期完成整改的,由市政府政务公开办公室提请市政府给予通报批评;对严重失职并造成不良影响的,将依据《条例》及相关文件追究责任。 Article 11 Those who fail the assessment shall be ordered to complete the rectification within 15 days after receiving the results of the assessment, and the results of the rectification shall be reported to the Municipal Office of Public Affairs; if the rectification is not completed on time, the Municipal Government's Office of Public Affairs shall request the Municipal Government for criticism; Those who fail to perform their duties and cause adverse effects will be held accountable in accordance with the Regulations and related documents.
Article 12   Those who falsify or engage in malpractice for personal gain during the assessment process shall be held accountable in accordance with relevant regulations.   
Article 13   This system will be implemented from the date of publication.

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