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Issuing agency: Mingguang People's Government Generated: 2019-12-19 19:21
effective date: 2019-12-19 19:21:00 Abolition time: Five years
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name Weigh: Mingguang municipal affairs public release coordination system

Mingguang municipal affairs public release coordination system

Release Date: 2019-12-19

根据《中华人民共和国政府信息公开条例》、《安徽省政府信息公开办法》和《安徽省全面推进政务公开工作实施细则》等有关法律、法规和规定,结合工作实际,制定本制度。 Article 1 This system is formulated in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and regulations, such as the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Disclosure of Government Information, the Measures for the Disclosure of Government Information of Anhui Province, and the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Promotion of Governmental Affairs Disclosure.

本制度所称的政府信息,是指政务公开试点市政府在履行行政管理职责或提供公共服务过程中制作或者获取的,以一定形式记录、保存的信息。 Article 2 The government information referred to in this system refers to the information recorded or stored in a certain form produced or obtained by the municipal government in the course of performing administrative duties or providing public services in the pilot government affairs.

应当主动公开的政府信息,要遵循谁制作、谁公开,谁保存、谁公开 的原则。 Article 3 Government information that should be actively disclosed should follow the principle of " who makes it, who makes it public, who keeps it, and who makes it public ." The government information produced by the administrative agency shall be disclosed by the administrative agency that produced the government information; the government information obtained by the administrative agency from citizens, legal persons or other organizations in accordance with its functions and powers shall be disclosed by the administrative agency that holds the information; laws, regulations and local areas Where relevant regulations have clear provisions on the main body of government information release, those provisions shall prevail.

两个以上行政机关共同生成的需对外公布的政府信息,由组织生成该信息的单位负责向公众公开,其他单位不得对该信息进行发布。 Article 4 The government information that needs to be publicly generated by two or more administrative agencies shall be disclosed to the public by the organization that generates the information, and other units shall not release the information. Citizens, legal persons and other organizations may apply to any one of the administrative agencies for government information generated by the joint publication of two or more administrative agencies.

拟发布的政府信息涉及其他行政机关的 , 事先应与有关行政机关沟通协调。 Article 5 If the government information to be released involves other administrative organs , it shall communicate and coordinate with the relevant administrative organs in advance.

) 拟发布政府信息应向涉及其他行政机关发送政府信息发布协调意见书。 ( 1 ) Government information to be published should be sent to other administrative agencies involved in the government information release coordination opinion.

) 涉及到的其他行政机关应将其意见和依据以书面形式回复。 ( 2 ) The other administrative agencies involved shall reply their opinions and basis in writing.

) 涉及到的其他行政机关书面回复同意的 , 由拟发布政府信息的行政机关发布政府信息。 ( 3 ) If other administrative agencies involved agree to reply in writing , the administrative agency that intends to release government information shall release the government information.

) 书面回复不同意的 , 由拟发布政府信息的行政机关与涉及到的行政机关沟通协调。 ( 4 ) If the written reply does not agree , the administrative agency intending to release government information shall communicate and coordinate with the administrative agency involved. , 仍未达成一致意见的 , 由拟发布政府信息的行政机关报各级政府有关行政机关共同协商解决。 If, after communication and coordination , no consensus is reached , the administrative agency that intends to release government information shall be reported to the relevant administrative agencies at all levels of the government through consultation and settlement.

根据法律、行政法规和国家有关规定 , 发布重大事项等政府信息 , 要严格按照规定管理权限和程序执行。 Article 6 In accordance with laws, administrative regulations and relevant state regulations , the release of government information such as major events must be implemented in strict accordance with the prescribed management authority and procedures. , 不得发布该政府信息。 Without approval , the government information shall not be released.

信息的协调交流过程需通过安全的渠道进行,避免出现信息传递过程中不可公布信息外泄、信息损坏等情况的发生,造成无谓损失甚至更严重的影响。 Article 7 The process of information coordination and communication needs to be carried out through secure channels, to avoid the occurrence of undisclosed information leakage and information damage during the information transmission process, causing unnecessary loss or even more serious impact.

本制度从发布之日起施行。 Article 8 This system shall be implemented from the date of promulgation.

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