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Content classification: Comprehensive government affairs, other Date of issue: 2019-12-19 19:19
Issuing agency: Mingguang People's Government Generated: 2019-12-19 19:19
effective date: 2019-12-19 19:19:06 Abolition time: Five years
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name Weigh: Mingguang Municipal People's Government's openness of government affairs

Mingguang Municipal People's Government's openness of government affairs

Release Date: 2019-12-19

为推进全 政府信息公开工作,增加政府工作透明度,保障公众知情权、参与权、监督权,根据《中华人民共和国政府信息公开条例》及省、市有关文件精神,结合我 实际,特制定本制度。 The first is to promote the city's government information disclosure work, increase the transparency of government work, and protect the public's right to information, participation, and supervision. , Specially formulated this system.

本制度适用于我 各级人民政府、 政府各部门、各直属机构,以及其他依法行使行政职能的组织。 Article 2 This system is applicable to the people's governments at all levels of the city, all departments of the municipal government, all institutions directly under the city, and other organizations that perform administrative functions according to law.

主动公开是指应当让社会公众广泛知晓或参与的事项,各级行政机关应当明确专门机构和人员负责本机关政府信息公开工作。 Article 3 Active disclosure refers to matters that should be widely known or participated by the general public, and administrative agencies at all levels should clarify that specialized agencies and personnel are responsible for the government information disclosure of this agency. The name, office address, office hours, telephone, fax, e-mail, and other contact information of the agency responsible for the disclosure of government information are made available to the public, making it easier for citizens, legal persons, and other organizations to query government information.

主动公开应当遵循合法、及时、准确和便民的原则。 Article 4 Active disclosure shall follow the principles of legality, timeliness, accuracy and convenience.

主动公开的内容 Article 5 Active Content

(1) The main contents of the initiative are:

1. Matters involving the vital interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations;

2. Matters that need to be widely known or participated by the public;

3. To reflect the establishment, functions and procedures of the administrative organ;

4. Other matters that should be proactively disclosed in accordance with laws, regulations and relevant state regulations.

(2) Various government departments shall, in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, determine the specific content of government information that is proactively disclosed within the scope of their duties, and highlight the following information:

1. Administrative regulations, rules and various normative documents;

2. Economic and social development planning, special planning, regional planning and related policies;

3. Statistical information on national economic and social development;

4. Financial budget and final accounts report;

5. Items, basis and standards of administrative fees;

6. Catalogue, standards and implementation of centralized government procurement projects;

7. Items, basis, conditions, quantity, procedure, time limit of the administrative license, and the catalogue and application of all the materials required to apply for the administrative license;

8. The approval and implementation of major construction projects;

9. Poverty alleviation, education, medical care, social security, employment promotion policies, measures and their implementation;

10. Emergency plan, early warning information and response situation of public emergency;

11. Environmental protection, public health, production safety, food and drug, product quality supervision and inspection;

12. Major issues in urban and rural construction and management;

13. Construction of social public welfare undertakings;

14. Land acquisition compensation, house demolition and its compensation, subsidy payment and use;

15. Management, use and distribution of funds and materials such as rescue and disaster relief, preferential treatment, relief and social donations.

(3) The township (town) people's government shall, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (1), determine the specific content of the government information that is proactively disclosed within the scope of its duties, and highlight the following information:

关于农村工作政策情况; 1. Implementing the state, province, city, and county policies on rural work;

2. Financial revenue and expenditure, management and use of various special funds;

3. Township (town) land use overall planning and review of the use of house sites;

4. Expropriation or requisition of land, house demolition, and compensation, subsidy payment and use;

5. Township (town) creditor's rights and debts, financing and labor situation;

6. Disbursement of funds and materials such as rescue and disaster relief, preferential treatment, relief and social donations;

7. Contracts, leases, auctions, etc. of township collective enterprises and other township economic entities;

8. Implementation of family planning policies.

主动公开的形式、时间 Article 6 Form and Time of Active Disclosure

All townships and government departments should promptly use one or more of the following forms to actively disclose government information:

1. Public column, government website, government bulletin;

2. Mass media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Weibo and WeChat;

3. Government press conferences, expert consultations, hearings and other meetings. When necessary, public representatives may be invited to attend relevant government meetings;

4. Places or facilities such as archives (rooms) and inspection service rooms (points), information request points, information bulletin boards, electronic screens established by administrative agencies;

5. Other forms that facilitate public access to government information in a timely manner.

20个工作日内公开。 Actively disclosed government information will be disclosed within 20 working days from the date of formation or change . Where laws, regulations, and rules have special provisions on the content, form, and time limit of actively disclosing government information, such provisions shall be followed.

各乡镇、政府各部门应当根据主动公开的内容编制、公布政府信息公开目录,并及时更新。 Article 7 Each township and government department shall compile and publish a catalogue of government information disclosure based on the content that is actively disclosed, and update it in a timely manner.

监督措施 Article 8 Supervision Measures

1. Mass supervision: Accept social supervision by setting up complaint telephones, supervision suggestion boxes, holding seminars, and visiting.

政府信息公开工作领导小组办公室负责定期或不定期对各乡(镇)及政府各部门政府信息公开工作进行监督检查。 2. Internal supervision: The Office of the Municipal Government's Information Disclosure Work Leading Group is responsible for regular or irregular supervision and inspection of the government information disclosure work of each township (town) and various government departments. Those who should be open but not disclosed, and the contents of which are not standardized, should be rectified within a time limit; those who are ineffective or rectified will be notified of criticism.

政府对各乡镇、政府各部门政务公开考核的一项内容,由 政府信息公开领导小组组织检查并提出奖惩建议。 3. Evaluation of rewards and punishments: The implementation of the proactive disclosure system is taken as a part of the municipal government's open assessment of government affairs of various townships and government departments .

各乡镇、 政府各部门、各直属机构应建立健全政府信息公开领导机构和工作机构,负责政府信息主动公开的具体工作,并公布受理、监督电话。 Article 9 Each township, municipal government department, and directly-affiliated institution shall establish and improve government information disclosure leading institutions and working institutions, be responsible for the specific work of actively disclosing government information, and announce the telephone number for acceptance and supervision.

各乡镇、 政府各部门、各直属机构应建立健全政府信息发布保密审查机制,明确审查程序和责任,主动公开政府信息时,要严格按照《中华人民共和国保守国家秘密法》等规定,实行保密审查,所公开的政府信息不得涉及国家秘密、商业秘密、个人隐私。 Article 10 All townships, municipal government departments, and direct agencies shall establish and improve the confidentiality review mechanism for government information release, clarify the review procedures and responsibilities, and actively disclose government information in strict accordance with the "People's Republic of China Law on Keeping State Secrets" and other provisions. In order to conduct confidentiality review, the government information disclosed must not involve state secrets, business secrets, or personal privacy.

各乡镇、 政府各部门、各直属机构应结合实际,制定主动公开制度的具体实施办法。 Article 11 Each township, municipal government department, and directly-affiliated institution shall, based on the actual situation, formulate specific implementation measures for the active disclosure system.

本制度由 政府信息公开工作领导小组办公室负责解释。 Article 12 This system is explained by the Office of the Leading Group for Information Disclosure of the Municipal Government.

本制度自印发之日起施行。 Article 13 This system shall be implemented as of the date of issuance.

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