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Ask lead number: MJ00101180200 / 201912-43639 Category: Open system
Content classification: Comprehensive government affairs, other, notice Date of issue: 2019-12-19 19:37
Issuing agency: Mingguang People's Government Generated: 2019-12-19 19:37
effective date: 2019-12-19 19:37:16 Abolition time: Five years
Text number: no turn off key word: Open government affairs
name Weigh: Notice of the People's Government Office of Mingguang City on Adjusting the Composition of the Leading Group for the Openness of Municipal Affairs

Notice of the People's Government Office of Mingguang City on Adjusting the Composition of the Leading Group for the Openness of Municipal Affairs

Release Date: 2019-12-19


2019〕78号 The Secret of the Ming Dynasty 〔 2019〕 No. 78


镇人民政府、街道办事处,市政府各部门、各直属机构: Township and town people's governments, sub-district offices, municipal government departments, and agencies directly under:

According to the needs of the work, the municipal government decided to adjust the members of the municipal administrative open leadership group. The adjusted list of members is as follows:

长: 叶方毕 市委常委、市政府常务副市长 Leader : Ye Fangbi, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor of the Municipal Government

市政府办公室主任 Deputy Team Leader: Director of Yuxing Municipal Government Office

员: 市委宣传部副部长 Member : Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of Qinhao Municipal Party Committee

市委编办副主任 Dai Aimin , Deputy Director, Editorial Office

市政府办公室副主任 Lu Binghui , Deputy Director of the Municipal Government Office

市发展改革委党组成员、副主任科员 Wan Naihang City Development and Reform Commission Party group member, deputy chief member

市委教体工委委员、市教体局副主任科员 Zhang Maohe Member of the Municipal Education and Sports Committee, Deputy Director of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau

市科技局副局长 Wang Shixiang Deputy Director of Science and Technology Bureau

市经信局副局长 Deputy Director of Liuchengshu Economic and Information Bureau

市公安局党委委员、 指挥中心主任 Member of Party Committee and Director of Command Center of Jinmaoxing Public Security Bureau

市民政局副局长 Xu Bo Deputy Director of Civil Affairs Bureau

市司法局主任科员 Xuehua City Judicial Bureau Chief

市财政局副局长 Deputy Director of Balin Finance Bureau

市人社局副局长 Deputy Director of Wangjie Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

市自然资源和规划局党组成员 Member of the Party Group of Wang Xianchang Natural Resources and Planning Bureau

市生态环境分局党组成员副主任科员 Zhang Baohai Eco-environment Branch Bureau Party member , deputy director

市住建局副局长 Huang Guanghui Deputy Director of Housing and Urban Construction Bureau

市交通局副局长 Deputy Director of Zhu Deman City Transportation Bureau

市农业农村局副局长 Deputy Director of Jinyuewu Agriculture and Rural Bureau

市水务局党组成员 、池河管理所所长 Member of the Party Leadership Group of Wulei Municipal Water Bureau and Director of Chihe Management Office

市商务局主任科员 Director-General of Yijun Municipal Bureau of Commerce

市文化和旅游局副局长 Deputy Director of Zhousong Culture and Tourism Bureau

市卫健委副主任 Chen Contributor Deputy Director of Health Committee

市审计局副局长 Deputy Director of Deng Bing City Audit Bureau

市税务局副局长 Xia Xin Deputy Director of Taxation Bureau

市场监管局副局长 Deputy Director of Li'an Market Supervision Bureau

市数据资源管理局副局长 Wu Fuming Deputy Director of Data Resources Administration

市融媒体中心副主任 Yuan Hengjin Deputy Director of Rong Media Center

市应急管理局副局长 Deputy Director of Pandong Municipal Emergency Management Bureau

市政府政务公开办公室主任 Zhang Yu , Director of Government Affairs Open Office

Office of the People's Government of Mingguang City

12 1 9 December 19 , 2019

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