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Ask lead number: MJ00101180200 / 201910-80748 Category: Elderly allowance claim and release information
Content classification: Civil affairs, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, old age Date of issue: 2019-10-18 08:35
Issuing agency: Mingguang Civil Affairs Bureau Generated: 2019-10-18 08:35
effective date: 2019-10-18 08:35:58 Abolition time: Five years
Text number: no turn off key word: Old Age Allowance
name Weigh: OAA payment criteria and application process

OAA payment criteria and application process

Release Date: 2019-10-18
Q: What are the requirements for applying for Old Age Allowance?
Answer: All senior citizens who have registered residence in Mingguang City and have reached the age of 80 can apply for the old-age allowance.
Q: What is the standard for the old age allowance?
Answer: 80-89 years old (including 80 years old), the subsidy is 30 yuan per person per month;
90-99 year olds (including 90 years old), 60 yuan per person per month;
For those over 100 years old (including 100 years old), 300 yuan per person per month.
Q: What is the application, approval, and issuance process?
Answer: The application and approval procedures for this subsidy are in accordance with the methods of “household declaration, village and township examination, and county approval”:
1. The elderly person or supporter shall apply to the village (neighborhood) committee where the household registration is located with the applicant's household registration booklet, a copy of the second generation ID card and a valid passbook card number of the rural commercial bank.
2. The roster submitted by the township (town) to collect the village (residential) shall submit all the application materials and electronic files of the eligible objects after the review to the Civil Affairs Bureau.
3. The Civil Affairs Bureau conducts random checks, examinations, and approvals on the objects reported by the people's government of the township (town). The county government arranges funds, and the finance bureau directly allocates funds to the bank to issue cards.
4. The old age allowance is dynamically managed. New objects are declared according to procedures, and death objects are reduced in time and distributed quarterly.
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