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Mingguang's "Three Measures" Make Good Use of Micro-credit Funds for Poverty Alleviation

来源: 市政府办 作者:刘超 审核人:陈小龙 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-23 11:02 Source: Office of the municipal government: Liu Chao Reviewed by: Chen Xiaolong Views: background color:

Since the beginning of this year, the city has granted 165.55 million yuan of credit to 3,646 poverty-stricken people in the city, of which 2,328 households have loans of 10.213.23 million yuan.

Manage by "letter". The Municipal Finance Department deposited 21.2 million yuan in risk funds at financial institutions in accordance with the 1: 5 microcredit standard to ensure that the risk of bank participation in poverty alleviation is manageable. Carry out training on poverty alleviation micro-credit policies to achieve normalized supervision before and after loan disbursement. Establish a disciplinary punishment mechanism, and include the poor households who maliciously occupy and are unwilling to repay, and include their list in the dishonesty catalog, and recover the loan by canceling the loan limit, reducing the credit rating or legal means.

Issued according to "strategy". The credibility of poor households was determined in accordance with the procedures of “Village Review, Town Review, and County Review”. The maximum age of credit was relaxed from 60 to 65, and the average credit limit for households was 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. There are 92 agricultural operators in the city using poverty alleviation loans of 25.8 million yuan through the "four belts" model.

Preach according to the "law." Taking advantage of the “Spring Offensive” to overcome poverty, the opportunity to visit poor households was mobilized, and 1,230 employees in the city to help cadres and 34 rural commercial bank outlets went deeper into the households of poor households, and issued more than 2,000 “clear papers” for poverty alleviation. Microfinance policy and answer questions for farmers.

(April 16, 2019)

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