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Mingguang's "three micro" propaganda works help fight crime and eliminate evil

来源: 市政府办 作者:凌晖 审核人:陈小龙 阅读次数: Date: 2019-11-26 11:21 Source: Office of the municipal government: Ling Hui Reviewed by: Chen Xiaolong Views: background color:

The city made full use of the advantages of “micro” works with short frequency and high acceptance of the masses, and actively organized the creation of “three micro” works to eliminate evil and eliminate evil, creating a deep atmosphere in the city and quickly forming a strong public opinion.

Record a micro video. In the form that the local masses loved and heard, the basic knowledge of the special fight against evil and evil was compiled into the allegro words of "Elimination of Crime and Helping the People", and professional actors were invited to perform and shoot into micro-videos. The WeChat video was delivered to the countryside for 68 publicity sessions, and was released through Luzhou PFA WeChat public account, Mingguang Publishing, Mingguang PFA website, Mingguang PFA WeChat public account and other media, with over 5,000 clicks.

Make a micro-anime. The cartoons show the masses the common external manifestations of the evil forces, and how to rely on and mobilize the people to conduct effective trials of cases involving evil and evil. The animation is 3 minutes long, and it is played on the electronic screen of the city court and more than 60 buses in urban and rural areas.

Make a micro-TV. The TV film introduces the 13 types of objects of great significance and key strikes in carrying out a special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil, as well as specific work measures and methods of mass reports to expose clues. Since the TV film was launched through relevant channels such as municipal units, urban and rural buses, and electronic screens for street advertising, the audience has exceeded 20,000 people.

(April 17, 2019)

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