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Mingguang City keeps the safety line and protects the "source water"

来源: 市政府办 作者:刘超 审核人:陈小龙 阅读次数: Date: 2019-09-16 08:37 Source: Office of the municipal government: Liu Chao Reviewed by: Chen Xiaolong Views: background color:

Full protection. 12 centralized drinking water source areas were designated, 2.878 million yuan has been invested to implement water source protection projects, 143 million meters of isolation fences have been installed for first and second protected areas, and 138 blocks such as boundary monuments and warning signs have been established; Material stacking and drainage stations will be demolished or relocated according to law; more than 11 million yuan will be invested to build a 7,600-meter sewage pipe network, 3 sewage lifting pump stations, and 1 Dinggou drainage and irrigation station.

Monitoring throughout. Adhere to the combination of intelligent monitoring and manual detection, the whole process of source water, factory water, peripheral water detection. Newly built 3 automatic monitoring stations to monitor water quality changes 24 hours; water plants of all scales test 9 indicators of 3 types of water bodies daily; accept the provincial water environment monitoring center for monthly water quality ammonia nitrogen and permanganate indicators in 9 water functional areas Supervisory monitoring; commissioned third-party testing agencies to test 37 indicators on a quarterly basis; the city's disease control center tests 33 indicators during the high and low water periods of each year.

Network-wide troubleshooting. Strictly regulate project access, severely crack down on behaviors that damage the water environment, further organize inspection and law enforcement networks, and rely on city, town, and village three river lengths to increase inspections in key river basins and parts of drinking water sources. Since this year, the city has launched a "Clear River and Clear Lake" special operation, which has cleared 2 cage cultures and 5 wastes in the river. At present, all illegally stranded sand mining ships docked in the waters of Chihe have been taken away and banned. All 60 large-scale farms in the area have been closed and relocated.

(April 15, 2019)

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