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The “Four Nets” of Weaving and Misty Villages in Mingguang City Consolidates the Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

来源: 市政府办 作者:刘超 审核人:陈小龙 阅读次数: Date: 2019-08-26 11:17 Source: Office of the municipal government: Liu Chao Reviewed by: Chen Xiaolong Views: background color:

Improve water network. An investment of 22.454 million yuan will be implemented in 230 small water conservancy renovation projects in 10 poverty-stricken villages throughout the city. Two small pumping stations will be upgraded, one new small sluice will be built, 201 dam expansion projects will be built, 24 river ditch renovations will be carried out, and small and medium-sized irrigation districts will be upgraded. Ten thousand acres and 0.5 million acres of final canals, with a total treatment area of 44,000 acres, open up the "last mile" of farmland water conservancy for industrial poverty alleviation.

Transformation of the power grid. Invested RMB 4.5733 million to implement 6 rural power grid upgrading and upgrading projects in 2 poor villages, and completed the construction of 11 units in the Taiwan area, 12.33 kilometers of 10 kV lines, 11 transformers / 2200 kVA, and 13.82 kilometers of low-voltage lines. Effectively improve the power quality of the poor, and provide power guarantees for industrial poverty alleviation and photovoltaic power generation projects.

Upgrade the road network. A special fund of 16.7175 million yuan was invested in the transportation infrastructure poverty alleviation project. 80 roads and 118.312 kilometers of road hardening in poor villages and road construction in flood storage areas were implemented by supplementing peripheral roads, opening circular roads, and improving industrial roads, effectively improving poverty. Regional traffic conditions to solve the problems of life, production and travel of the poor.

Complete the information network. All administrative villages are equipped with a rural information server to provide technical guidance and service for poor households. The city's comprehensive improvement of the communication pole road of 124 pole kilometers; the construction of 5 new 800M base stations in 5 poor villages; the installation of telecommunication ultra-clear televisions for 2054 families with difficulties; the installation of live satellite satellite households for 5542 families with difficulties to meet the needs of poor households Demand for "Internet +" applications.

(April 9, 2019)

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