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Government Information Disclosure Guide

Date: 2019-07-08 18:22

Dear netizens, thank you for visiting Mingguang People's Government for information disclosure:

The information disclosure work of the People's Government of Mingguang City is guided by the scientific concept of development. In accordance with the requirements for building a harmonious society, guidelines and directories for government information disclosure have been compiled to further promote openness of government affairs, effectively protect citizens, legal persons and other organizations' right to know, and give full play to government information. The people's production, living, and economic and social service functions should promote the administration according to law, improve the transparency of government work, and establish an administrative management system with standardized behavior, coordinated operation, fairness and transparency, and integrity.
The information disclosure column of the People's Government of Mingguang City has columns such as "Information Disclosure Regulations and Regulations", "Information Disclosure Guidelines and Catalogues", "Information Disclosure Coding Guidelines", "Disclosure by Application", "Unit Code", "Work Dynamics" and other columns. And launched "information search", "public comment box", "information disclosure unit navigation" and other services, to facilitate the public access to various government information. Among them, the "Information Disclosure Regulations and Regulations" promulgated relevant laws and regulations on government information disclosure in the country, province and city; the "Information Disclosure Guidelines and Catalogues" provide municipal government departments, municipal public enterprises and institutions, and counties (cities, District) Navigation links to government information disclosure platforms; "Information Disclosure Coding Guide" sets norms and standards for government information disclosure unit codes, government information disclosure directory systems, information retrieval, data management, and archiving in our city; "Unit Codes" provide citywide The government information disclosure code of each unit is available for inquiry; "Working Dynamics" provides the latest dynamic information and related conference contents of the city's government information disclosure work; "Information Searching" provides the public with keywords, titles, information index numbers, release dates, and Full-text search and other search methods for government information; users of the "Public Opinion Box" can submit comments and suggestions on the government information disclosure work to competent authorities. At the same time, in order to make it easier for you to query government information, we provide you with a quick entry to the city government information public directory and a city government news conference online live broadcast, government work reports, market releases, government bulletins, statistical bulletins and other fast-track channels. .
At present, the city's administrative organs at all levels, organizations authorized by laws and regulations, organizations with public affairs functions, public enterprises, institutions and central resident units have opened various information disclosure sub-sites totaling more than 10,000. The unified platform has initially formed the city's government information open website system with standardized catalogues, unified coding, reasonable structure, clear hierarchy, wide coverage, and easy monitoring.
If you have good suggestions, I hope to contact us and let us work together to promote the continuous development of the information disclosure work of our city government.

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