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Laojiashan Scenic Area

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Laojiashan Scenic Area is a provincial forest park, known as the "ridge of water diversion" of the Jianghuai watershed. (1830 ) 《来安县志》载:“山上有龙王庙,宋嘉定年间 (1208 1284 ) 敕建,赐名嘉泽,山以此得名。”《说文解字》:“嘉,美也。”景区位于明光市东南 28 公里,有仙人桥、仙人洞、月牙湖、小九寨、后沟竹海、点将台、六蝶泉等自然景观以及甘露寺、红尼庵、龙王庙、花果寺等文化遗址。 The ancient Jiashan belongs to Lai'an area. According to Daoguang's Decade (1830 ), " Lai'an County Chronicle " contains: "The Dragon King Temple is on the mountain, and it was built during the Song Jiading period (1208 ~ 1284 ) . It was named Jiaze, and the mountain was named after it. "Speaking Chinese Characters": "Jia, Meiye." The scenic spot is located 28 kilometers southeast of Mingguang City. Landscape and cultural sites such as Ganlu Temple, Hong Ni Temple, Dragon King Temple, and Huaguo Temple.

First, Laojiashan

332.4 米,为皖东地区第二高山,山上植被茂密,为原始次生林,森林覆盖率 90% 以上,素有江淮分水岭的“分水之脊”之称。 The national forest park is located at the junction of Zhangbaling Town and Shiba Town, Mingguang City, with an altitude of 332.4 meters. It is the second highest mountain in eastern Anhui. The vegetation on the mountain is lush and it is a primary secondary forest. "Watershed ridge". 20 多种野生哺乳动物, 100 多种鸟类, 80 多种树木,其中绝大多数为南北地域边缘物种,是天然的动植物基因库。 There are more than 20 kinds of wild mammals, more than 100 kinds of birds, and more than 80 kinds of trees. Most of them are edge species of north and south regions, and they are natural gene libraries of animals and plants. The scenic area has many natural and cultural landscapes such as Yueyuequan, Zhuhai, Chaiwang City, Ganlu Temple and so on. 让人既可以领略独特的大自然风光,使人心旷神怡,又可感受这里历史文化的厚重。 The Laojiashan Scenic Area has undulating peaks and peaks, eruption walls, creeks, and dense forests, so that people can not only enjoy the unique natural scenery, make people feel refreshed, but also feel the heavy history and culture here. X ”型的旅游景观带。 The scenic area is radiating on all sides, forming a " X " -shaped tourist landscape zone.

"Child of Lao Jiashan" movie shooting scene

Laojiashan Wind Farm

Second, Xianren Bridge

Xianren Bridge, located between Laojia Mountain and the huge rocky Hengjing Cliffs, is located in the middle and upper part of the South Canyon of the 245th Army, about 4 meters Span 8 meters The flowing water under the bridge is amazing and amazing.

Third, after the ditch

It is located at the foot of Laojia Mountain, located at a low place between the two mountains, and formed by the scouring of water for many years. , 沟底岩石突兀,沟壑纵横起伏,映入眼帘的是枯藤老树,层层叠叠的枯叶铺展在沟底;清澈的泉水从石缝中流入沟底,叮咚叮咚之音韵不绝于耳,给人以“曲径通幽”的寂雅。 There are few people here , the bottom of the ditch is rocky, the gully is undulating, and the old trees with dead vines are greeted by the trees. The layered dead leaves spread out at the bottom of the ditch. The rhyme is endless, giving people a quiet and elegant "winding path". Tourists searching for Hougou need "rock jumping", "wading", "drilling holes" and "climbing". Although the dangers are surrounding, they are also very interesting.

Fourth, Butterfly Valley

Located in Laojia Mountain, the butterflies in the valley gather, or perch or dance, wild fragrance and fragrant fragrance, Jiamuxiu and overcast surrounding, it is really a good place to relax.

V. Fairy Cave

Located in Laojiashan, the cave is secluded, warm in winter and cool in summer, and can accommodate dozens of people. There is a standing stone at the entrance of the cave, which looks like a lintel. There are about ten square meters in front of the cave. There are hairy peaches and hawthorns around the hole, sparsely visible, bird's eye view in front of the hole, thousands of ditches, panoramic views, pleasing to the eye, such as standing in the clouds.

Six, Lan Yuequan

The spring water is clear, and the bottom is clear; the moonlight night, the moon springs in the heart, like a spring to embrace the moon, infinitely quiet and beautiful. Quan, named for it. Chairman Mao's "Song of Water Tuning · Return to Jinggangshan" cloud: It can take nine days to catch the moon, and it can go to the five oceans to catch the fate. Tang Li Bai's "Uncle Yun from Xiezhou Xiezhoulou Preparatory School" Poem Cloud: All with joy and prosperity, want to go to the blue sky and enjoy the bright moon. Lan Yuequan gives people endless romantic reveries.

Seven, closed moon spring

Located in Laojiashan, it has a narrow and long form, like a crescent crescent. It looks like a beautiful eye, and is as closed as a shame.

濯月泉 Eighth Moon Spring

Located in Laojiashan, it is named for the clear spring water that can wash the moon. Jin and Wu Du Fu: "Cut the giant clam in the backyard, and 濯 Mingyue in the ripples."

Nine or Six Butterfly Springs

Located in Laojiashan, it is called Liudequan because of the colorful butterfly pupa set. The spring water is clear, reflecting the green mountains, the green waters and the green mountains are interdependent, and the butterflies are fluttering, like a fairyland on earth.

X. Hexagon Spring

It is located near the three-point field of Baimishan Farm. Because of its hexagonal shape, it is named Hexuan Spring. The spring is clear, and the mountains, blue sky and white clouds are reflected.

Eleven, Niutou Bay

Located in Laojia Mountain, the water surface is about a hundred acres. The east and west ends of the lake are horn-shaped and symmetrical; the middle of the two corners extends southward like a giant face-the whole looks like a bull's head.

Twelve, Shanzi Lake

Located in Laojiashan, also known as Sansi Lake, it is named because of its shape like "mountain". "The Book of Nanqi · Gongyedu" reads: "Ji Wenzi thinks twice before he moves." Remind people to think hard when things happen, don't be rash.

Thirteen, Dongchong Lake

Located in Laojiashan, because of its place, there is a village group called Dongchong. Due to its location in the deep mountains and inconvenient transportation, the original residents have moved one after another, and Dongchong Lake, which has almost no pollution, has become clearer.

涟漪泉 Fourteen, Ripple Springs

It is located in Laojiashan, formerly known as Shuangtang, also known as Sister Spring and Lover Spring. A pond was divided into two parts, one above the other, connected to each other, so it became a ripple spring. The ripples on the lake cascade, as if talking the sweet words that can never be finished.

、红柳湾 Fifteen , Hongliuwan

Located in Laojia Mountain, it is named after the dense water willow in the heart of the lake. In the Jianghuai watershed area, rainfall is abundant, and aquatic plants are widely distributed—Shuiliu is one of the representative plants.

凯旋湖 16. Triumph Lake

V ”,所以人们将它叫做凯旋湖;又传朱元璋当初在此起兵时,看到湖底荡漾着十个红彤彤的太阳,对自己出征滁州充满了必胜的信心,相信部队一定会凯旋而归,遂号令将士一起痛饮湖水,果然,在攻打滁州时,十分顺利,取得大捷。 Located in Laojiashan, it looks like the English letter " V ", so people call it Kaixuan Lake. It is also said that when Zhu Yuanzhang started his army here, he saw ten red sun rippling on the bottom of the lake, and he was full of confidence that he would go to Luzhou. I believed that the troops would return triumphantly, and then ordered the soldiers to drink the lake water together. Sure enough, when they attacked Luzhou, they went smoothly and achieved great success.

月牙湖 17.Crescent Lake

Located in Laojiashan, the lake is named after the crescent-shaped lake, with ancient trees and clear springs, birds and songbirds, and pleasant scenery. There is a poem praised: a green bay in the green shade, the cattle cattle play water leeches. Whoever creates a natural scene wants to equate wonderland with a view.

红尼庵 18.Red Nibbana

—— 红尼庵。 There is a magnificent bamboo forest at the entrance of Hougou. There are a few cypress trees that tower into the sky next to the bamboo forest. This is the red secluded place of the red line girl in the Tang Dynasty in China - Red Niji. Here, the scenery is beautiful. Although the moving stories spread by the people have faded with the passage of time, the remains of the site have made visitors enthusiastic about exploring ancient times.

Red Nizhny Ruins

Red cypress tree

竹海 Nineteen, Zhuhai

At the entrance of Hougou at the foot of Laojia Mountain, there is a magnificent bamboo forest with about tens of acres of land. The bamboo stems are tall and straight, the bamboo branches are sloping out, and the bamboo leaves are lively and lush, covering the sky. This bamboo forest is "the first secluded in eastern Anhui" and is also the largest bamboo sea.

Twenty, Swallow Bay

张八岭镇 燕子湾村,属长江流域 清流河 支流上游,控制流域面积 33.0 平方公里。 It is located in Yanziwan Village, Zhangbaling Town , and belongs to the upper reaches of the Qingliu River tributary of the Yangtze River Basin . The control basin area is 33.0 square kilometers. 56.83 米,总库容 1390 万立方米,兴利水位 54.00 米,对应库容为 748 万立方米,是一座以灌溉为主,兼观光、防洪、养殖等综合效益的中型水库。 The check flood level of Yanziwan Reservoir is 56.83 meters, with a total storage capacity of 13.9 million cubic meters and a water level of 54.00 meters, corresponding to a storage capacity of 7.48 million cubic meters. It is a medium-sized reservoir with irrigation, tourism, flood control, and other comprehensive benefits . It is named after a swallow-like collection of swallows.

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