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Baling Lake Scenic Area

来源: 明光市旅游局 作者:明光市旅游局 审核人: 阅读次数: Date: 2018-06-14 14:33 Source: Mingguang Municipal Bureau of Tourism Research: Mingguang City Tourism Bureau Reviewed by: Views: background color:

3000 亩,沿河 13 余公里,呈条形带状,游客可选择徒步、自行车、观光车交通方式游览全程。 Mingling City's Baling Lake Tourist Resort is located in Puxian Village, Zhangbaling Town. The scenic area covers an area of about 3,000 acres and is more than 13 kilometers along the river. . AAAA 级旅游标准为建设目标,以水上项目为主打 , 是集休闲、旅游、运动、观光、度假、美食于一体的综合性生态旅游区。 The scenic area takes the national AAAA -level tourism standards as the construction goal and focuses on water projects. It is a comprehensive ecological tourism area that integrates leisure, tourism, sports, sightseeing, vacation, and food.

提供的项目有漂流(森林漂、体验漂、竹筏漂)、沙滩摩托、疯狂斗牛、飞碟射击、激光电子打靶等,票价五折; 1. Provided items include drifting (forest drifting, experience drifting, bamboo raft drifting), beach motorcycles, crazy bullfighting, flying saucer shooting, laser and electronic target shooting, etc. 50% off the fare;

、景区营业时间:每天 8 30 - 17 00 2. Business hours of the scenic area: 8 : 30-17 : 00 every day .

、旅游线路: 从滁州出发:滁州 G104 国道 —— 经过三官集 —— 沙河镇 —— 张八岭镇 —— 嘉山集 —— 普贤村 —— 八岭湖游客中心。 3. Travel routes: From Luzhou : Luzhou G104 National Road - passing Sanguanji - Shahe Town - Zhangbaling Town - Jiashanji - Puxian Village - Baling Lake Visitor Center. —— G36 国道 —— 界阜蚌高速 —— 蚌宁高速(行驶 12.7 公里) —— 黄泥岗收费站(左转)进入 X001( 行驶 3 公里 ) —— 普贤村 —— 八岭湖游客中心。 From the high-speed: Enter Ningluo Highway - G36 National Highway - Jiefubang Expressway - Bengning Expressway (drive 12.7 kilometers) -Huangnigang Toll Station (turn left) into X001 ( drive 3 kilometers ) -Puxian Village - Baling Lake Visitor Center.

、景区地址:明光市张八岭镇普贤村大郢组电话: 0550 - 2280777 4. Address of Scenic Spot: Daxun Group, Puxian Village, Zhangbaling Town, Mingguang City . Tel: 0550-2280777 .

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