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Yuelong Lake Scenic Area

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平方公里,设计总库容7267万立方米,兴利库容4900万立方米,周边长约60公里。 Yuelong Lake, known as Qiandao Lake in the east of Anhui, was originally called Watershed Reservoir, with an area of 113 square kilometers of water, a designed total storage capacity of 72.67 million cubic meters, a 49- million-square-meter storage capacity, and a surrounding area of about 60 kilometers. The surface of the lake is open, the tens of acres of water are rippling, and the water is clear. Laojiashan, Zhongjiashan, Baiyunshan, Xingshan, Wushan, and Jiashan Plateau pastures surround it, and the islands in the waters have a star-shaped chessboard with pleasant natural scenery.

I. Jiashan Plateau Ranch

1 万亩。 Formerly known as Huangzhai Pasture, it is located in Shiba Town, with an area of nearly 10,000 acres. Surrounded by tens of acres of forest, it is a pollution-free natural hilly pasture. The north side of the pasture is adjacent to Yuelong Lake, and there are more than 10,000 acres of hilly forest area surrounding the pasture. 60 年代是国家万匹军马养殖基地和安徽省中国秦川种牛繁育基地。 The pasture in the 1960s was the national base for breeding thousands of horses and horses, and the breeding base for cattle in Qinchuan, Anhui Province, China. In the pasture area, you can experience the continuous green hills. The horizon is wide and the pastures are undulating. The cattle and buffalo appear from time to time to swarm grass. Many egrets accompany each other and form a side by side.

Taohua Island

Peach trees are densely planted on the island. Every spring and March, the peach blossoms bloom, and its blooming flowers are bright and bright, and many beautiful tourists come here to take a picture, leaving a beautiful shadow of "the peach blossoms on the human face"; May and June. When the peaches are ripe, many tourists come to pick them, which not only stretches the bones and bones, but also harvests the safe and secure green fruits, which is the best of both worlds.

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