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Ziliqiao Scenic Area

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The bridge was named after the bridge. According to "Xianxian Chronicle" records: "Zilai Bridge is Lixian County, Lai'an Road, the bridge stone system flows to the river, hence the name".

(1341 ) ,清雍正五年 (1727 ) 重修。 The bridge was built in the first to the first year (1341 ) and rebuilt in the fifth year of the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty (1727 ) . The bridge foundation and bridge deck are basically complete, the bridge railings are damaged, and the stone lions at both ends are no longer there. 12 米,宽 4 米,矢高 6 米,券跨 5 米,采用顺丁式券门砌法,并有券门。 The single-hole stone arch bridge is 12 meters in length , 4 meters in width , 6 meters in height, and the coupon spans 5 meters. 3.88 米,宽 1.6 米,考其碑文记载和筑桥手法 ,该桥仍保留元代风格。 The bridge deck is paved with stones, one of which is 3.88 meters long and 1.6 meters wide . According to its inscriptions and bridge building techniques , the bridge still retains the style of the Yuan Dynasty.

Zilaiqiao Town is not only a historic town, but also an old revolutionary area.

I. Memorial Hall of the Anti-Japanese Democratic Government Site in Jiashan County

1940 3 月,原上海市市长、海协会会长汪道涵先生曾担任首任县长。 The anti-Japanese democratic government of Jiashan County was established in March 1940. Mr. Wang Daohan, former mayor of Shanghai and chairman of the Shanghai Association, served as the first county head. 3840 平方米。 The memorial is located in the old street of Zilaiqiao Town, with a total construction area of 3840 square meters. The first floor of the newly built memorial hall is the historical materials exhibition area of the anti-Japanese democratic government of Jiashan County, and the second floor is the exhibition area of the life and history of Wang Daohan, the first county head of Jiashan County.

古自来桥 Second, the ancient bridge

The legend of the bridge is named after the large stones flowing on the bridge flow to nature. It is famous for its magical name and wonderful legend.

古月山庄 3. Ancient Moon Villa

2012 年建成,注册名称为“明光市古月农耕文化园有限公司”,现为安徽省五星级农家乐,是一家集餐饮、休闲垂钓、运动娱乐等于一体的现代化休闲农庄。 Guyue Shanzhuang is located in Zilaiqiao Town, the intersection of two provinces, four counties, and urban areas. It was completed in 2012. Its registered name is "Mingguang Guyue Farming Cultural Park Co., Ltd.". It is a five-star farmhouse in Anhui Province. Catering, leisure fishing, sports and entertainment are equal to a modern leisure farm. The architecture of the villa is full of characteristics, such as Hui architecture, pink wall and tile, high horse head wall, elegant gatehouse, antique.

西桃园林场 Fourth, Xitao Garden

7 万多亩,森林资源丰富,林区环境优美,松涛阵阵、山峦起伏、群峰叠翠、郁郁葱葱,呈现出一派生机盎然的景象。 The existing state-owned forest covers an area of more than 70,000 acres, with rich forest resources and beautiful forest areas. The waves of pines, undulating mountains, lush mountains and lush mountains present a lively scene.

大港宝塔山 V. Dagang Pagoda Mountain

Located in the town of Zilaiqiao, ascending the mountain, you can see the southern tip of Yuelong Lake, and you can see the scenery from the mountains and rivers.

Six, potato castle

Located in the north of Zilaiqiao Town, it has both modern style and ancient features. 12 个山洞,山洞外观美丽壮观,内部环境舒适,冬暖夏凉。 The main body of the castle is a brick kiln. The main purpose is to store taro and vegetables. There are a total of 12 caves. The caves have a beautiful and spectacular appearance, a comfortable internal environment, and warm winters and cool summers.

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