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Nushan Lake Scenic Area

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Nushan Lake is formed by water accumulation in local depressions in the Tan-Lu fault zone. The total incoming water area is 4,215 square kilometers. Nushan Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Anhui. It is located between Anhui and Jiangsu, and it is distributed in a narrow east-west direction, covering an area of more than 100 square kilometers. Its waters pass through the Huaihe River to Hongze Lake, and finally into the Yangtze River. Nushan Lake Town is located in the northeast of Mingguang City. Because it is located in Nushan Lake waters, it is called Nushan Lake Town. Nushanhu Town is 34 kilometers away from Mingguang City. It faces Huaihe River in the east, Qili Lake in the south, and Nushan Lake in the west and north. It faces Jiangsu across the lake. It is the only water town in the waters under the jurisdiction of Mingguang City, and it is also a famous water town in eastern Anhui.

I. Nushan Geopark

In the park, there is the "Valentine's Best Pen" Mr. Jin Yong's "Valentine's Day", the Butterfly Valley, which is praised enthusiastically and enthusiastically, as well as the legendary natural landscapes such as the fairy cave, the dragon lying ditch, the scoop well, and the dragon tree, and Erniang Temple, Sanyuan Palace, He Laofen, Love Bridge and other cultural landscapes. Nuoshan is rich in animal and plant species. Nuoshan pumice stones and colored stones have good ornamental value and medical care.

Ancient crater of Nushan Geopark in Mingguang City, Anhui Province

Tens of thousands of egrets in Nushan Geopark

Nushan Ancient Volcano Hot Spring

Female mountain pumice

Female mountain lake

One of the largest freshwater lakes in Anhui, with an area of 260,000 mu. Its waters pass through the Huai River to Hongze Lake, Gaoyou Lake, and into the Yangtze River through the Grand Canal. Nushan Lake is pure in water and rich in aquatic products. It is famous for silverfish, hairy fish, shrimp, crab, snail, and wild diamond. Nushan Lake hairy crabs sell well in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Nice scenery at the foot of the mountain

Three, Jiayouyuan

The provincial-level cultural relics protection unit, formerly known as the Great Temple, was rumored to be built by Emperor Liang Wu of the Southern Dynasty, Xiao Yan. In the first year of Jiayou, Emperor Ren Zong, a good Buddha, settled here. Before leaving, the four characters of the royal book "Jiayou Buddhist Temple" were put on the temple's forehead, and the temple was renamed Jiayou Buddhist Temple.

Fourth, the ancient stage

Provincial cultural relics protection unit is the place where the emperor Qianlong went to the south to watch opera. The ancient stage not only reflects the development of ancient Chinese architectural technology, but also is a valuable material for studying religious culture and the history of local opera. It is basically intact, the only one in eastern Anhui.

V. Temple of Fire

Provincial cultural relics protection unit. Located in the western corner of the ancient town, it was built in the Song Dynasty. It was rebuilt during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty and rebuilt during the Tongzhi period. The temple of Vulcan Temple faces north to the south, and the main body is a brick-and-tilt-lifted wooden structure. It has three rooms forward and backward, covering an area of nearly 400 square meters. Legend has it that incense is strong for praying for peace.

6. Dragon tree

It grows at the foot of Mt. Beishan and has a history of about 500 years. The thick shade of summer has attracted hundreds of birds to sing. There are different flowers on the top, and there are strange roots wrong. Standing under the tree, the coolness strikes, and the summer heat disappears.

Seven, Pearl Spring

Pearl Spring is a low temperature hot spring. According to legend, Zhang Guolao rode on a donkey and was thirsty. The spring crystal is transparent and transparent, and it is always available for people to drink. It has a sweet taste and is refreshing and thorough. It is a particularly ideal natural mineral water.

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