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[Anhui Daily] Building and Sharing a New Home

来源: 安徽日报 作者:记者周连山 审核人: 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-23 10:59 Source: Anhui Daily Author: Reporter Zhou Hill Reviewed by: Views: background color:

"The masses recommend me and trust me, and it should be no matter how busy you are. I can't be sorry for everyone's trust." On December 5, in Yingji Village, Zhangbaling Town, Mingguang City, a 68-year-old party member Ling Yingshun who was maintaining health in the back streets and alleys told reporters Say.

In June this year, Ling Yingshun of the Yin Nan Group of Yin Ji Village was particularly busy after being elected as a member of the Yin Ji Central Village Construction Council. He must not only supervise the construction quality, but also coordinate the villagers' relocation, cleaning and environmental maintenance. Along with him, 10 other villagers were nominated by the villagers as members of the council.

There are 456 people in 118 households in Yinji Center Village, which was identified as a provincial beautiful rural construction site in 2018. The total investment of the construction project of the central village is 11 million yuan. There are 13 small projects including outer ring road, sewage pipe network, greening and lighting, weak electricity reconstruction and water and toilet modification. Among them, the construction of the outer ring asphalt road is 2.2 kilometers, and the back streets and alleys are 5.8 kilometers.

Introducing Hu Hongjun, director of Mingguang Citizen's Livelihood Office, in order to do a good job in the people's livelihood project, avoid the problems of “cadres and the masses,” let the masses participate in the construction of the central village, and continue to enhance the sense of gain and happiness in co-construction and sharing , Yinji Village set up the People's Livelihood Engineering Council. The members of the council are mainly recommended by the villagers, who are responsible for the "two committees" of the village, prestigious members of the village, and villagers who are enthusiastic about public welfare. Through the council's planning, control, coordination and supervision, the smooth implementation of the people's livelihood project is guaranteed.

"The council has played a great role in the construction of the central village." Huang Ya, deputy mayor of Zhangbaling Town, introduced that the design scheme of the outer ring road in the central village includes the construction of an underground drainage pipe network. The council proposed to use Yin Ji ’s unique “middle high and low surrounding” terrain to adopt a U-shaped trough natural drainage scheme on both sides of the road, which not only reflects Yin Ji ’s characteristics, but also saves more than 300,000 yuan. The thickness of the concrete layer at the bottom of the U-shaped drainage ditch of the outer ring road is required to be 30 cm, but the construction party only paved about 15 cm. When members of the council found problems, they immediately reported back to the construction party, prompting the construction party to rework all unqualified drainage ditches. The greenery and beautification behind the front door and on the road, is it to grow flowers or vegetables? The design plan is to plant flowers and plants. The members of the council gathered the villagers' suggestions to plant vegetables. At the end of the village, a plan of "should be better than vegetables, better than flowers" was formed, which not only saved the management and maintenance costs in the later period, but also convenient for the masses, good-looking and practical, and also reflected the characteristics of the farmhouse.

At present, the construction of Yinji Center Village has been completed. The reporter saw that the environment here is beautiful, the village is clean and tidy, asphalt roads, stone roads are in all directions, parking lots, basketball courts, cultural squares, and public toilets are all available. Every family has eaten tap water and used clean toilets. Surrounding the village The nine-sided water pond, as well as dozens of cave dwellings and educated youth houses built in the 1960s and 1970s after transformation, form a unique landscape. Villagers are highly satisfied with their new homes.

"Now, the environment is good, the village is beautiful, the road is repaired at the door of the house, and the tap water is taken into the house. The government has brought us real benefits," said 74-year-old Wu Zhengxia, a villager.

Source: Anhui Daily (2nd edition, December 23, 2019)

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