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[China Organization and Personnel News] Anhui Mingguang “Country Recruitment for Rural Areas” Alleviates the Shortage of Primary-level Medical Talents

来源: 中国组织人事报 作者:通讯员张忠敏 审核人: 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-20 14:42 Source: China Daily of the organization and personnel: Correspondent Zhang Zhongmin Reviewed by: Views: background color:

In recent years, Mingguang City, Anhui Province has explored the implementation of the "country recruitment" policy for medical and health personnel, introduced medical undergraduate graduates and licensed physicians to enrich township health centers, and solved the "talent shortage" in the field of primary health care.

"County recruits for rural use" medical and health personnel are recruited by the municipal hospital for uniform use by township health centers within the medical community. New recruits are included in the management of the township hospitals during their work at the grassroots level, and enjoy the relevant policy treatment of the posts at the grassroots units. TCM supervision and guidance. After three years of service at the grass-roots level, according to the needs of the leading hospital of the Medical Community, combined with my own wishes, after passing the assessment, he can be transferred back to work in the leading hospital of the Medical Community. Those who remain working in township health centers will continue to enjoy the relevant policy treatment of staff members in their basic units.

Source: China Organization and Personnel News (December 20, 2019, 3 editions)

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