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[Guangming Daily] Passing on the red gene

来源: 光明日报 作者:记者常河马荣瑞 审核人: 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-19 17:17 Source: Guangming Daily Author: Reporter Changhe Ma Rongrui Reviewed by: Views: background color:

A few days ago, Zhang Zhengjin, the lecturer of the micro-party class of the Working Committee of the Municipal Government of Luzhou City, Anhui Province, gave a "special" party class for party members and cadres in the multifunctional hall of the local museum. Twenty minutes of themed education talks plus watching the red film "The Great Founding of the Party."

"Watching movies in the party class has further deepened the understanding of the party members and cadres of the original intention and mission of the Communists, and is a new form of party member education." Zhang Zhengjin told reporters.

"The Great Founding of the Party", "Hundred Regiments", "Mountain Taihang", "Operation on the Mekong River" ... A red classic film reflects the historical changes and shows the cultural footprint of the times. It is also the effective spirit of the Communist Party members to keep their original intention and keep in mind the mission nourish.

"For a long time, party education has been based on traditional classroom teaching. The form is relatively simple and the students reflect the general." Pu Mingzhu, director of the Theory Research Office of the Propaganda Department of the Luzhou Municipal Party Committee, told reporters that since last year, Luzhou has explored and carried out special education activities on party education in film. , Strive to expand the content and form of party members' education and education, give full play to the positive role of red film in ideological and political construction, ideological education, etc., and let the party lessons into the brain, mind, affection, and scene.

Starting from July this year, based on the experience of last year's activities, Chenzhou City continued to use the city-county linkage method to strive to purchase 50 classic film sources, send 4,000 movies, and hold 150 party class demonstration classes in three months.

Different from the general movie-watching and entertainment behaviors, the fundamental purpose of organizing film party classes is to educate party members. In order to eliminate formalism, Luzhou fully expanded the democratic participation of party members before the film party class was held, and provided a list of red classic film sources for the target unit to organize party members to collectively choose, which effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of government units to participate in film party classes.

In order to effectively improve the effect of education and teaching of party members, Luzhou also explored the establishment of a "three-in-one" mode of film party lessons, that is, the combination of party members' viewing with experts and lectures by experts; the combination of film teaching and civilized practical activities in the new era; Keep in mind the mission "theme education combined.

For example, before the film "Wandering Earth", the organizer invited experts from the party committee of the municipal party committee to explain the concept of "community of human destiny"; before the "Red Sea Action", the party committee of the Quzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau invited the responsible comrades of the local maritime bureau to teach thematic party lessons.

"The movie party lesson has improved the knowledge and fun of the party lesson, and has a general infection-leading role for ordinary party members and cadres." Tong Zifan, deputy principal of the Party School of Luzhou City Party Committee, who taught pre-movie teaching for the movie party lesson many times, was deeply moved.

"Leaders take the lead, experts speak in depth, and grass-roots cadres actively speak." Now in Luzhou, the corresponding film based on the different functional nature of government agencies, and invite relevant personnel to teach party lessons according to the specific theme of the film has become the norm. Better than catching up, learn to get through, and learn to understand the party's basic principles and policy spirit are becoming common among ordinary party members and cadres in Luzhou.

"After reading" The Great Founding of the Party, "I was shocked by the bloody and passionate era, and impressed by the martyrs who died for their country and forgotten their lives. As a Communist in the new era, I want to be in my post It glows with heat, guarantees the masses' safety on the tip of their tongues, and lives up to the mission entrusted by the times. "After attending the film party, Chen Deqin, a staff member of the Shengzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, left such a text.

As a "new magic weapon" for party building, Luzhou's film party lessons have gradually begun to "overflow"-from the bustling urban area, into the county and the countryside; from the government building to the enterprises and schools.

At the New Age Civilization Practice Center of Mingguang City, a subordinate city of Luzhou, film party lessons and literary performances and poetry recitations of the Children's Palace in rural schools took turns to form a synergy effect.

In the Mingguang Economic Development Zone, Zhou Wenshan, chairman of Meiyue Printing Culture Media Co., told reporters that in the two years since the film party activity was launched in the company, three activists have joined the party. "The enthusiasm for joining the party has been mobilized. ! "

In the Civic Square and Bell Tower Square in Fengyang County, a major festival-themed film promotion event organized by a local film distribution and projection company and a rural public film screening team was in full swing, attracting a large number of people to stop and watch. Around the main theme, a red movie is shown, inheriting the red gene is becoming a beautiful landscape in the local area.

According to statistics, since 2019, 4,211 movies have been screened in Quzhou, covering government agencies, enterprises, schools, communities, and towns. There have been more than 100 party lessons, and a total of 726,000 party members have been educated.

Source: Guangming Daily (11th edition, December 4, 2019)

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