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[People's Network Anhui Channel] Mingguang, Anhui: Exerting Party Members' Model Roles, Playing the Theme Education Theme

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Since Mingguang City launched the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”, it has combined the characteristics of different party members, focused on leadership, and adapted to individual conditions, allowing party members to work hard and work hard based on their main business. Image, continue to deepen the theme education.

"Assessment of Star Ratings" Promotes New Situation of Grassroots Contact and Service

The municipal government's "five-star party member" Ling Hui learned from the visit that the main agricultural irrigation channel of Lushan Village in Luxi Town, which has been in contact for a long time, was severely disrepaired and blocked and could not be used normally. They visited the village many times to solicit villagers' opinions and actively sought project support from the municipal water affairs bureau, municipal agriculture and rural bureau, and other relevant municipal departments. Finally, dredging and hardening of the 1.7 km channel in Lushan Village was determined. After the implementation of the project, in severe drought years, increasing irrigation and water conservation can increase the income of grain by about 1 million kilograms and reduce farmers' economic losses by about 2 million yuan.

During the theme education period, the Mingguang Municipal Work Organizing Committee evaluated the 2,558 in-service party members based on the "four lectures and four have" detailed points evaluation, carried out "member star rating" activities, and established "personal self-evaluation, party member evaluation, branch evaluation, party committee The "four-level evaluation system" identified party members' participation in study, voluntary service, and visits and sympathy into performance points, and selected 212 "five-star party members" who served the masses better.

"The selection of 'five-stars' party members is to allow party members in organs to follow the" four stresses and four have "criteria, take the lead in the theme education, take the lead, and give full play to the pioneering role of party members to create a catch-up in government units across the city. The strong atmosphere. "Qi Degang, secretary of the municipal government's working committee.

"Lu Yan Model" Creates New Party Members as Jobless Models

"I'm an ordinary party member. I can still move now, and I want to do something I can do, fulfill the obligations of a party member, and be happy to do something for my hometown." Cao Shiqing, a retired employee of the water conservancy system in Suxiang Town, Mingguang City, saw the “dirty and messy” environment in his hometown, and led three old party members and 4 villagers in the Luye Group of Suxiang Town to set up an environmental remediation villager council to take a piece by piece Way to do mass work from house to house. Driven by the council, the whole group of 103 households, 378 people, actively dismantled pig pens and simple aqua latrines, cleaned garbage, dredged and cleaned drainage ditches, and completely improved the appearance of their hometown.

Mingguang City vigorously promotes the "Luhan Model". Each township, township and street organizes 2,684 old party members, old village officials and other "five old people", and has led the establishment of 460 villagers' self-government councils. "Practice Commitment" work model, allowing 1080 inexperienced party members to recognize their posts and pledge to fulfill their promises and achieve "one hundred responses". At the same time, extensive evaluation activities such as "ten-star civilized households" and "civilized families" were launched, demonstrations were conducted, and project construction and selection and evaluation were given priority. A group of jobless party members, such as the "waist village model" and "yinji model", etc. The results of post establishment and accountability are constantly displayed.

"Bringing Phoenix Back to the Nest" Set off a New Upsurge of Floating Party Members to Boost Rural Revitalization

"I have come back in recent years to feel that the development of my hometown is getting better and better. I have also returned to set up a factory. During the development of thematic education, Mingxi Street invited me to bring friends from other places to do business in Mingguang to have a look, friends to inspect I plan to invest here in the future, and I have leased the site of Magang to build a factory. "It was Luo Pei, a mobile party member of Mingxi Street, who established Mingguang Ruijie Commodity Co., Ltd. after returning home. Constructed in pairs with Dongpan Village of Mingxi Street, driving more than 70 people in the village to employment and helping the village to increase income by more than 20,000 yuan.

Mingguang City vigorously implemented the "return" project of mobile party members, set up a platform for mobile party members to return to their hometowns, set up a "peasant maker base" and return home entrepreneurial park, and regularly communicated with mobile party members abroad, and established them in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places. 4 mobile party branches. During the theme education, Mingguang City carried out the activity of “sending school and introducing students” for the mobile party members, and visited some mobile party members on the spot, invited mobile party members to visit and investigate the beautiful countryside and the construction of the park platform, and discussed the prospects, talked about changes, and complained about difficulties with them. Talk about cooperation, guide them to return to their hometowns with technology, capital and information, and set up a "business think tank" specifically under the guidance of agriculture, aquatic products, human and social affairs, finance, education, health and other departments. Answering doubts, this year, under the favorable business environment, the city has attracted more than 100 mobile party members to return to their hometowns to start businesses, driving more than 2,000 people into employment and injecting new vitality into the development of their hometown.

"Culture for the aged" builds a new stage for retired party members

"Don't forget your original intention, keep your mission in mind", "Good words!" I saw the eight large watermarks of the dragon and snake shining brightly on the ground of Nanhu Park in Mingguang City. This is the epitome of the morning of October 23, more than 100 retired party members and calligraphy and painting enthusiasts of the Mingguang Municipal Party Committee organized a calligraphy and painting photography exhibition in Nanhu Square.

During the theme education, Mingguang City relied on senior universities, senior social organizations, and senior cadres to organize "cultural retirement" activities, and held calligraphy and painting exhibitions, singing competitions, and theme lectures for 110 healthy retired party members with good health and hobbies. And rural performances; For village (community) old party members, encourage them to actively participate in village (community) affairs, listen to their opinions and suggestions on work and life, party building, etc., collect and organize a total of 165 opinions and suggestions, and study them one by one Solve; for the Red Army veterans and party members, encourage them to use their own words to enter the campus to stimulate young people's patriotic enthusiasm, to enter the organization to promote work style, and to enter the enterprise to stimulate social responsibility. At present, a total of 14 publicity activities have been conducted. Through the "cultural retirement" activity, Mingguang City has set up a broad stage for old party members to use their residual heat to bring a "power of time" to the development of their hometown.

"The development of thematic education has provided party members with a deeper understanding of their identities, and inspired more party members to make contributions based on their positions. They have played a pioneering role in all walks of life and played a theme education in ordinary life. The main melody makes us feel full of positive energy. "The relevant person in charge of the Office of Mingguang Theme Education Leading Group was a little moved. (Zhang Zhou)

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