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[Luzhou Daily] Damei Mingguang's ecological painting with heavy ink

——Record of Mingguang creating a demonstration county for ecological civilization construction

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Into Mingguang, flowers are blooming, and trees are leafy and lush. In the urban area, high-rise buildings are lined up in a row, and the roads are lined with trees, showing the charm of a modern ecological new city everywhere; in the countryside, the cozy villages and the distant farmlands contrast with each other, and the beautiful rural scenery is panoramic and looks extra quiet and elegant. .

Behind this beautiful scenery, the determination and energy of Mingguang City to create a provincial-level demonstration county of ecological civilization construction are condensed. In recent years, Mingguang City has earnestly implemented the internship of Jinping ’s ecological civilization ideas, vigorously promoted the establishment of ecological civilization demonstration counties, and the city ’s new green development pattern of “beautiful environment, clean and harmonious, and ecological civilization” has basically taken shape. Culturally advanced cities, "the most beautiful Chinese most beautiful rural mass leisure, healthy health tourism city", provincial civilized cities, provincial forest cities and other titles have been approved as pilot counties for comprehensive treatment of agricultural non-point source pollution. The preliminary verification, a glittering bronzing business card, is a tribute to the achievements of ecological civilization construction in Mingguang City.

It is worth mentioning that in late June this year, the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment named a total of 10 second Anhui ecological civilization construction demonstration counties (cities, districts), and Mingguang City was named the second "provincial ecological civilization construction demonstration "Counties", only Mingguang City among the 8 counties (cities, districts) of Quzhou.

The bridge and water station of Chihe Highway in Mingguang City was named the first 100 "most beautiful water stations" in China by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment

Leaders of the Quzhou City People's Congress investigate the Chengdong sewage treatment plant and tailwater recycling project in Mingguang

Blueprint for scientific layout

The city's efforts to build ecological civilization demonstration counties, do a good job of "addition", increase greenness, and create a picturesque ecological environment with green mountains and rivers, and rivers and mountains, we must have a comprehensive ecological civilization construction system.

Facing such a huge and complicated system project of ecological civilization construction, Mingguang City is guided by Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thoughts, adheres to "drawing a blueprint to the end", plans from a high point, promotes it at a high level, and creates leadership with clear thinking and strength. Integration and full support.

Since the establishment of the project, Mingguang City has carried out more than 60 related studies such as meetings of theoretical learning center groups, municipal committee standing committees, and municipal government executive committees. It has successively held city-wide demonstration demonstration mobilization conferences for ecological civilization construction, urban-rural development, and the "Four-City Joint Innovation" "Promotion meeting, special work on ecological environmental protection, study and deploy ecological civilization construction work, incorporate ecological environmental protection and ecological creation into the municipal government's annual work plan, and implement the" one-vote veto "system for ecological civilization performance evaluation.

In order to ensure that the creation work is carried out, Mingguang City set up a leading group for the creation of ecological civilization, which unifiedly arranges and arranges the ecological construction of the city. The Municipal People's Congress and the CPPCC play their supervisory role and actively offer suggestions for ecological construction and environmental protection. All townships, streets, and departments are closely focused on the creation of ecological civilization construction demonstration counties, each fulfilling their respective duties and working together to form a strong synergy for the creation.

Based on the requirements for the establishment of Mingguang City, scientifically compile and improve the ecological construction plan, form 28 special plans, 13 township master plans, 35 central village construction plans, establish a four-level planning system, and complete the "Mingguang City Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration City Plan" (2016-2025). Plan 45 key projects of ecological civilization construction, with a total investment of 4.873 billion yuan, 31 key projects have been completed, and 14 other key projects will be completed by 2025.

In addition, Mingguang City has done its homework on atmosphere creation, promoted the knowledge of ecological environment into enterprises, communities, and campuses, and widely publicized the construction of ecological civilization to cadres and masses through various forms such as ecological public welfare advertisements and publicity on the square. Work is a household name.

Launched June 5th World Environmental Awareness Week to promote environmental protection laws and regulations to the general public

Ecological butterfly changes to a new look

The green hills are green, the streams are clear; the front and back of the house are clean and tidy; the countryside and the countryside are leisurely and contented ... walking into the villages of Mingguang City is so comfortable that you can see it.

In recent years, Mingguang City has settled around "14935" in urban and rural areas, giving priority to rural areas, strengthening top-level design, comprehensively promoting the construction of beautiful countryside, organically integrating ecological civilization construction and rural revitalization strategies, and significantly improving the living environment.

"Make the village beautiful and make the villagers rich." Mingguang City develops “one town, one color, one village, one product” based on the advantageous resources of various places. It has built more than 80 characteristic theme estates such as Jiaocheng Lihe Garden, built a flower and seedling industry belt of 10,000 acres, 7 characteristic agricultural industrial parks, and returned townships. Township entrepreneurial park 7. Create 11 provincial-level famous scenic tourist towns, characteristic tourist towns, and rural tourism demonstration villages. All villages in the city have completed the "five cleansing and one reform", and constantly promoted and replicated the "Luhan model".

Promoting the improvement of the rural human settlement environment is the first tough battle to implement the rural revitalization strategy. Mingguang arranges more than 30 million yuan each year to promote the special renovation of rural garbage, sewage, and toilets, and establishes “household collection, township supervision, enterprise clearing, and county-level treatment. The garbage removal and transportation system began in 2016 with a total investment of 847 million yuan for the construction of a comprehensive rural environment improvement project, and implemented a comprehensive rural environment improvement for a total of 97 administrative villages in 17 townships and streets in the city, realizing waste “Nissan, Nissan, Daily processing. "

Mingguang City Holds "June · Five" World Environment Day Theme Promotion Campaign 2019

Mingguang City promotes the harm of environmental noise to enterprises

Precisely Govern and Protect the Background

Break first, then stand, and subtract and add. In recent years, Mingguang City has firmly established the concept of "protecting green mountains and green mountains is protecting Jinshan and Yinshan", resolutely fight the "three major defense battles" of clear water, blue sky and pure land, focus on improving the comprehensive environmental carrying capacity, and improve the city by implementing environmental governance Function, change the appearance of the city, and fully control the water under the green ground. Vigorously promote the construction of small-scale water diversion projects in 17 township streets, improve the preparation of protection plans for drinking water sources and backup water sources in Shiba Reservoir in 11 towns and towns in the city, plan the red lines of the first and second protected areas of the source areas in detail, investigate and ban a number of protected areas Illegal construction projects. Continue to promote the construction of safe drinking water projects in rural areas and solve the problem of drinking water safety for 26,000 people.

At the same time, a total of 640 million yuan in water pollution prevention and control funds have been invested to promote the comprehensive management of the Chihe, Nansha, Shiba, and Xinzhuang rivers, and to remediate 15 kilometers of black and odorous water. There are 16 city-level rivers, 59 township-level rivers, and 250 village-level rivers. The "one river, one policy" compilation of 27 rivers and lakes including Huaihe, Chihe, and Nansha rivers has been completed to timely check the water quality of the river.

Go all out to "clean". Comprehensively promote the ten major air pollution prevention and control projects, including ecological transformation of the park, motor vehicle pollution control, and transportation pollution control. Up to now, all the construction sites have implemented “six” 100% dust management, eliminated 1,174 yellow standard vehicles, and eliminated 135 coal-fired boilers, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw reached 90.58%.

Fully "protect the soil." Compiled the "Soil Pollution Control and Restoration Plan" in Mingguang City, established a soil environmental management information system for contaminated plots, invested more than 900,000 yuan to carry out environmental governance status surveys and assessments, and constructed a well-informed hazardous waste information monitoring platform and networked monitoring. As of now, there are 14 enterprises in the city that have cleared hazardous waste stocks, and the standardized disposal rate of hazardous waste has reached 100%.

Mingguang City invites experts to hold large-scale environmental knowledge training sessions

Green engine energizes ecological civilization

"Protecting the ecological environment like protecting the eyes, treating the ecological environment like treating life", Mingguang City is working on ecological governance and green development through the construction of ecological civilization. The ecology is getting better and the environment is more beautiful. Feelings, more tangible data to support.

In the process of advancing the construction of ecological civilization, Mingguang has one national forest park, one provincial nature reserve, one provincial geopark, and two provincial water conservancy scenic spots. Created 17 provincial and Danzhou-level ecological towns and villages, 42 ecological villages, 5 provincial-level forest towns, 30 forest villages ... a gratifying "ecological transcript", which has become the driving force and pride for Mingguang's leapfrog development .

The effect of ecological governance is remarkable. Vigorously implement the "five waters together governance", "three fronts and three sides improvement", "forest growth project", etc., closed more than 90 mining and processing enterprises, 34 clay bricks and tiles enterprises, remediation of 56 "small scattered pollution" enterprises. 170,000 square meters of regreening has been completed in the mines such as Huagu Mountain in Luxi Creek, and the forest coverage rate and urban green space rate have increased to 36.67% and 36.33%, respectively. The urban public bicycle system was completed and used. The centralized drinking water source water quality compliance rate is 100%, and the village and township drinking water sanitation pass rate is 100%.

The ecological environment is continuously optimized. The construction of the Mingdong Chengdong Sewage Treatment Plant and 11 township sewage treatment plants has been completed, and rural domestic sewage treatment has progressed steadily. All domestic garbage in urban areas and 17 townships and towns is marketed, and 139 villages are covered by harmless treatment. The city, province, and city-controlled cross-sections and junction cross-sections have achieved stable water quality standards, completed the demolition of 50,000 acres of purse seine in the Nvshan Lake Provincial Nature Reserve, implemented integrated water environment treatment in Chihe and Nansha rivers, and concentrated drinking water in 12 towns Source protection areas are divided.

Ecological economy is booming. Baling Lake created a national 3A scenic spot and was selected into the National List of Preferred Tourism Projects; Jianshan Village, Zilaiqiao Town was rated as "Top 100 Examples of Beautiful Villages in China", and Huangzhai Pasture won the title of "Best Scenery Ranch in Anhui Province". Approved 2 outstanding tourism townships in Anhui Province, 3 province-wide tourism townships. Since 2018, it has been approved as "Anhui Mingguang Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Park". Mingguang mung bean and rice-shrimp farming have grown to 155,000 acres, and 171 "three products and one standard" certified products. Stevia has been awarded "Agricultural Product Geography" by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Mark Products "registration. The comprehensive utilization of straw reached 90.58%. The utilization and harmless treatment of livestock and poultry wastes are at the forefront of Bozhou City.

Publicity Department of Mingguang Municipal Party Committee

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