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Notice of the People's Government of Mingguang City on the Demarcation of the Management Scope of the Rivers and Lakes in the Huaihe Mingguang Section and the Chihe Mingguang Section

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In order to strengthen river management and ensure the normal operation and safe flooding of rivers, laws and regulations such as the Water Law of the People's Republic of China, the Flood Control Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on River Management, and the Regulations on Management and Protection of Water Works in Anhui Province It is stipulated that the municipal water affairs bureau (the municipal river office), together with the relevant townships and departments, delimit the outer boundary lines of the river and lake management areas such as the Huaihe Mingguang section and the Chihe Mingguang section, and have completed the public announcement. The notification of the delimitation is now as follows:

I. Scope of river management

(含湖泊)的管理范围为两岸堤防之间的水域、沙洲、滩地(包括可耕地)、行洪区、两岸堤防及护堤地;无堤防的河道(含湖泊),其管理范围为历史最高洪水位或者设计洪水位线以下的区域。 The management scope of rivers with embankments (including lakes) is the waters, sandbars, beaches (including arable land), flood areas, embankments and embankments between banks on both sides of the embankment. The range is the area below the historical highest flood level or the designed flood level.


The results of the demarcation of the outer boundary lines of the river and lake management areas such as the Huaihe Mingguang section and the Chihe Mingguang section are shown in the annex.

Management requirements

Within the scope of river management, it is forbidden to discard and stack objects that prevent flooding, and to plant forests and high-stalk crops that hinder flooding; it is prohibited to set up fishing gear and captive livestock; it is forbidden to dig cellars and cultivate embankments; it is forbidden to block construction Buildings and structures that carry floods, and engage in activities that affect river stability, endanger riverbank embankments, and prevent other rivers from flooding.

The construction of bridges, wharves and other river-blocking, river-crossing, and river-facing buildings and structures within the scope of river course management, laying river-crossing pipelines and cables, shall meet the flood control standards and other relevant technical requirements set by the state, and the project construction plan shall be in accordance with the flood control The relevant provisions of the law are reported to the relevant water administrative department for review and approval.

Date of implementation

This notice comes into effect on the date of its publication.

annex: Huaihe Mingguang section, Chihe Mingguang section and other rivers and lakes management area delimitation results table.xls

Mingguang People's Government

December 19, 2019

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