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The National Malaria Elimination Final Evaluation Team came to our city to carry out evaluation work

来源: 市融媒体中心 作者:张依依程勇 审核人:袁恒金 阅读次数: Date: 2019-11-21 19:49 Source: City into the media center of: Yiyi Zhang Cheng Yong Reviewed by: Heng Yuan Gold Views: background color:

On November 21, Liu Xia, the leader of the National Malaria Elimination Final Evaluation Assessment Team and the Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, conducted a final assessment of malaria elimination in our city, and held a briefing session in Mingguang City, Anhui Province. Wang Hai, Director of the Disease Control Division of Anhui Health and Health Committee, Jiang Ling, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Shengzhou Health and Health Committee, Xu Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and Zhang Yan, Deputy Mayor attended the meeting or accompanied the inspection. The report was chaired by Chen Xuewu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chenzhou Municipal Government.

In her speech, Liu Xia introduced the importance and significance of carrying out malaria elimination work, and pointed out that the country's final review and evaluation of malaria elimination will focus on a comprehensive and systematic focus on four aspects: government commitment, policy guarantees, funding, and departmental collaboration. Evaluation check.

Liu Xia demanded that we continue to consolidate the elimination of malaria, strengthen health education, pay more attention to the prevention and control of public health infectious diseases, pay attention to the entire population, start with factors affecting health, emphasize the government's leadership and multi-sector coordination and cooperation, and call on the whole society to participate together. The whole nation will build and share the fruits of public health work. It is necessary to take the national final evaluation of malaria elimination as a new starting point and further improve the prevention and control of public health infectious diseases in the city.

In his speech, Xu Jun first expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Mingguang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to the Expert Team of the National Final Evaluation of Malaria Elimination. He said that the city has always regarded the health and public health project as a major livelihood project and placed it in a prominent position on the important agenda. It has made malaria elimination an important basic work in health and health, and continued to increase investment in human, financial and material resources. In the aspects of network construction, improvement of mechanism, implementation of measures, improvement of effects, etc., it has been promoted and strengthened as a whole. As a sampling survey point in Shengzhou City, Anhui Province, the city has received the national final evaluation of malaria elimination. This is not only a comprehensive test and encouragement of the city's malaria elimination work, but also helps to continue to improve the city's malaria prevention and control work. Comprehensive strengthening.

Xu Jun said that in the next step, the city will conscientiously implement the opinions and recommendations of the expert group and the work requirements of the provincial and municipal health construction departments, further improve the monitoring of malaria, continue to strengthen various preventive measures, and effectively strengthen the prevention and control of imported malaria. Consolidate the results of malaria elimination, effectively protect people's physical health and life safety, and continuously promote the construction of "healthy light" to achieve new results and achieve new improvements.

At the meeting, Chenzhou City and Mingguang City reported on the progress of malaria elimination.

After the meeting, the National Malaria Elimination Final Evaluation Team went to Mingguang City Disease Control Center, Mingguang City People's Hospital, and Qiaotou Central Health Center to conduct a comprehensive evaluation by consulting data and conducting on-site inspections.

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