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The on-site meeting of the Building Coatings Branch of the China Coatings Industry Association and the Fourth Ninth Director Enlargement Meeting were held in Ming

来源: 市融媒体中心 作者:郭茂让程勇 阅读次数: Date: 2019-11-12 22:18 Source: City into the media center of: Guomao let Cheng Yong Views: background color:

From November 11th to 12th, the on-site meeting of the Building Coatings Branch of the China Coatings Industry Association and the fourth ninth director expansion meeting were held in Ming. Sun Lianying, President of the China Coatings Industry Association, Liu Jie and Li Jiangning, Deputy Secretary-Generals, Wang Shukun, Chairman of the Building Coatings Branch of the China Coatings Industry Association, Zhang Shiyuan, Secretary-General, and Wang Jun, Xu Jun, Wu Shoulian, Si Xuejun, Liu Jing Yao Zhengyu, director of the Municipal Economic Development Zone Management Committee, attended the meeting.

Sun Lianying expressed sincere gratitude to the Mingguang Municipal People's Government for its support and careful organization of the meeting. Sun Lianying pointed out that the conference chose to be held in Mingguang, an important gathering place for the transfer of coatings industry, which not only provides more choices and opportunities for the relocation of enterprises, but also will definitely accelerate Mingguang's implementation of the "industrial city" strategy and "build 10 billion coatings" The industrial base and the capital of China's green coatings "help.

Sun Lianying hopes that in the future, more enterprises will feel "light speed", "light efficiency" and "light service". At the same time, she requested that this meeting be used as an opportunity to continue to create a new situation for the branch to work together to promote the construction of green parks and green industrial chains, promote green development and high-quality development, and help China's structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the architectural coatings industry. A new chapter in the development of the architectural coatings industry.

In his speech, Mr. Wang thanked the on-site meeting of the Building Coatings Branch of the China Coatings Industry Association and the ninth expansion meeting of the directors in Mingguang, and welcomed all guests and entrepreneurs to visit Mingguang. He briefly introduced the economic and social development of our city. Wang Yan said that since the beginning of this year, under the strong guidance of China Coatings Industry Association, Mingguang is committed to creating "the capital of waterborne coatings in China", and the waterborne coatings industry has risen rapidly. At present, the 3.75-square-kilometer green water-based coatings industrial park has achieved "nine connections and one leveling". The park has settled in 13 well-known water-based coatings and supporting enterprises such as Sankeshu, Jiabaoli, Baolijia, and Hengguang New Materials. Ten billion. Mingguang's creation of "China's Waterborne Coatings Capital" has arrived and its potential has come.

Wang Yan said that we will continue to follow the concept of "Private enterprises and private entrepreneurs are their own, and doing things for themselves is doing their own thing" as proposed by General Secretary Xi. Every enterprise can develop and grow happily, happily, and healthily in Mingguang, and help every entrepreneur to show his business plan in Mingguang, and jointly write a new chapter of cooperation and win-win in the new era.

At the meeting, Liu Jie, Deputy Secretary-General of China Coatings Industry Association, Nan Xuan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Coatings Industry Association, Zhao Luxing, a researcher at the Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Ye Wei, Director of Nippon China's Supply Chain Information Strategic Planning, respectively made the latest development of architectural coatings. "Introduction", National Standard "Technical Requirements for Coating Products with Low Volatile Organic Compound Content", "Introduction to Comprehensive Transformation of Old Communities", "Digital Drive, Intelligent Manufacturing, Leading the Future", "Opportunities and Challenges in the Development of Inorganic Coatings", etc. The topics are elaborated; each governing unit also discusses the establishment of the architectural coatings expert group and how the architectural coatings industry can develop healthily in the second half of 2019 and the main work plans for 2020.

Participants also observed the Mingguang City Planning Museum, Anhui Sankeshu Coatings Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Jiaotong University-Mingguang Attapulgite Joint Research Center and listened to relevant briefings.

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