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Shengzhou Rural Human Settlement Environment Improvement Promotion Meeting Held in Ming

来源: 明光市人民政府 作者:郭茂让彭军周佳佳常兆 审核人:袁恒金 阅读次数: Date: 2019-10-22 22:00 Source: Mingguang City People's Government Author: Guo Mao Peng Jun Zhou Jiajia often let trillion Reviewed by: Heng Yuan Gold Views: background color:

On October 22, the Luzhou Rural Human Settlement Environment Improvement Promotion Meeting was held in Ming. Zhu Cheng, deputy secretary of the Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee, and deputy mayor Li Baojun attended the meeting. The leaders of our city, Wang Jun, Xu Jun, Liu Dong, and Xu Lifeng, the heads of the relevant departments of Chenzhou, the heads of districts and districts, and the heads of towns and villages attended the meeting.

Participants observed demonstration sites for the improvement of the rural human settlements in Luxiang, Suxiang Town, Zhangye Beautiful Rural Center Village, Suixi Town, Anhui Ai Grass Processing Enterprise Anhui Aiyuan Technology Co., Ltd., and Yaozi Village in Haoxi Township. Rehabilitation demonstration points.

In his speech, Zhu Cheng fully affirmed the city's rural residential environment improvement work. He hoped that all localities and departments should study and learn from it, pay attention to their strengths and avoid weaknesses, combine with their own realities, do a good job of implementation, and earnestly implement the work of improving the rural human settlements and achieve results.

Zhu Cheng emphasized that we must face up to the problem, recognize the situation, and effectively enhance the consciousness of thinking and action of the improvement of the rural living environment. Carrying out the improvement of the rural human settlement environment is the first tough battle to implement the strategy of revitalizing the countryside. It is a major task that must be completed in the decisive period of building a well-off society. It is a political task without a retreat and bargaining.

Zhu Cheng pointed out that it is necessary to highlight the key points, make up for the shortcomings, and ensure that the various tasks of the rural residential environment improvement are implemented in good faith. It has entered the fourth quarter, which is the critical period for sprinting the year-round goals and tasks. The time is tight and the tasks are heavy. Departments in various places must adhere to problem-oriented, goal-oriented, focus on the annual work points and provincial and municipal goals, and focus on key tasks. , Pay close attention to the time node, check for missing and fill in gaps, and work together to ensure that all goals are completed on time and quality.

Zhu Cheng demanded that leaders should be strengthened and their responsibilities should be compacted to ensure that the improvement of rural human settlements has achieved tangible results. The improvement of the rural human settlements environment is a long-term and arduous task. It cannot be accomplished overnight. All localities and departments must be courageous, take the initiative, and work together to ensure that long-term management is not slack. Strictly focus on co-management and relaxation. Implement and complete the annual tasks.

Zhu Cheng emphasized that comprehensive improvement of the rural human settlement environment is not only an important political task that we must complete, but also the largest, most direct and most realistic project of people's livelihood. It complies with the ardent expectations of the people and responds to the people's expectations for a better life. Yearning. I hope that everyone will not forget their original intentions, keep their mission in mind, and act quickly. In the fourth quarter, they will roll out the "five cleansing and one reform" work, grasp the progress and quality, meet the national inspection and provincial examination with the actual work results, and effectively promote the rural rejuvenation. The first tough battle, a satisfactory answer to the people of the city.

Li Baojun also put forward requirements for the improvement of the rural human settlement environment, and emphasized the deployment of current key rural work.

At the meeting, the Luzhou Rural Agricultural Bureau reported the improvement of the rural human settlements; the Luzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau reported the treatment of rural domestic waste; the Luzhou Ecological Environment Bureau reported the treatment of rural domestic sewage; The Planning Bureau briefed on the development of rural planning.

Our city and Tianchang City made typical experience exchange speeches, and Fengyang County and Dingyuan County made statements.

Since the beginning of this year, the city has strengthened measures around the "five efforts" and accelerated the improvement of rural human settlements. Adhere to the city's "one game of chess" and focus on creating a beautiful new village in the entire region; fight the environment to fight tough battles and focus on creating a new village that is livable and suitable for business; adhere to the unification of "landscape" and "money landscape" and strive to create a new rural village rich in farmers The "good voice" of Xiangxiangfeng civilization is focused on creating a civilized and harmonious new village, innovating the construction management mechanism, and focusing on creating a new village with long-term governance and long-term effects.

In the next step, the city will seriously implement the spirit of this meeting, take the theme of "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" as an opportunity, and closely focus on the "Two Crosses" policy of rural rejuvenation, be brave, dare to innovate, do good, and persevere. Renovate the rural human settlement environment, make efforts to promote the rural human settlement improvement to a new level, and work hard to make a bright contribution to the "three sprints in the province and the construction of a modern new Pizhou".

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