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Departmental work meeting held in Mingguang Street

来源: 明光街道办事处 作者:李家明 审核人:李荣荣 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-27 15:47 Source: Office of the streets of Mingguang: Jiaming Reviewed by: Li Rongrong Views: background color:

On the afternoon of December 26, Lin Yunfeng, a member of the Party Working Committee of Mingguang Street, organized all staff of the Party and Government Office to hold a departmental work meeting.

First, Chen Beibei, deputy director of the Party and Government Office, comprehensively summarized and analyzed the work in 2019, pointed out the existing problems, and put forward rectification measures at the same time; then, arranged and deployed the work in 2020, and detailed the division of labor again for each work. Fully clarify responsibilities and people, and ensure that the work will be coordinated and efficient in the future without errors.

Finally, Member Lin emphasized that all party and government office staff members were required to truly improve their ideological understanding and position, establish the idea of division of office work without division of labor, learn to make up for leaks in a timely manner, and avoid laziness, etc. Do well in every job and fully be the staff and assistant of the main leaders of the street.

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