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Longshan Community of Mingguang Street Launched Work Safety Inspection

来源: 明光街道办事处 作者:王荣 审核人:李荣荣 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-27 15:29 Source: Office of the streets of Mingguang: Wang Reviewed by: Li Rongrong Views: background color:

In order to ensure that residents in the area have a safe and peaceful New Year's Day holiday and do a good job of production safety during the festival, Longshan Community of Mingguang Street serves one of the seven parks to serve the community's safe and stable "harmonious paradise". The staff cooperated with the police in the area to carry out a safety inspection before the New Year's Day.

The inspection is mainly aimed at key areas such as small workshops, baths, Internet cafes, and supermarkets in the densely populated areas of the jurisdiction. The inspection items mainly include whether the fire equipment is fully equipped, whether safety exits are smooth, whether emergency measures are in place, whether food is fresh, and whether three No products etc. During the inspection, the inspectors also lectured on safety knowledge, recorded the problems found during the investigation, put forward specific rectification requirements, required rectification within a time limit, eliminated hidden dangers, and prevented the occurrence of security accidents.

Through this special safety inspection activity, the safety concept of the residents of the community has been enhanced, the safety knowledge and self-awareness of community operators and community residents have been enhanced, and a good atmosphere has been created to ensure the continued stability of community safety during the festival.

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