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Sanjie Town conducts inspection activities

来源: 明光市三界镇 作者:金茂璐 审核人:程永祥 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-27 15:30 Source: realms of the town of Mingguang City: Jinmao Lu Reviewed by: Cheng Yongxiang Views: background color:

In order to give full play to the supervisory role of NPC deputies, improve their ability to perform their duties, and further promote the orderly promotion of investment promotion and the construction of beautiful rural areas, the morning of December 27, Sanjie Town organized the NPC deputies to inspect the beautiful rural construction, investment promotion, and rural areas. Renovation of human settlements and other tasks. The town's principal person participated in the inspection activities.
The inspection team visited Niancheng Village, Sanjie Village, Zhanglaojiao Village, and Meijing Village, and inspected the beautiful rural construction of Niancheng Yanji Center Village and Sanjie Village, Meilu Village Dalu Group, and Zhanglaojiao Village Longtanli Group. The living environment improvement work, the construction of high-standard farmland in Meijing Village, the construction of Zhongping Road Network, and the construction of Tanyuan Science and Technology Project were heard. During the inspection, the deputies to the people's congress conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the various tasks of the inspection.
After the inspection activity, the second inspection forum of the 2019 NPC deputies was held in the town hall conference room. The town's deputy secretary of the town party committee and mayor Wang Zhimou reported on the development of the town's beautiful countryside, the improvement of human settlements, investment promotion, and project construction. Subsequently, the representatives of the people's congresses expressed their opinions and put forward good opinions and suggestions on the next step of government work. At the meeting, Cheng Yongxiang, chairman of the presidium of the town ’s people ’s congress, demanded that all delegates perform their duties conscientiously, actively learn laws and regulations, and continuously improve the level of legal literacy and service to the masses; they must play an exemplary role and take the lead in building up integrity.
At the end of the meeting, Liu Wei, the secretary of the town party committee, gave a speech, thanking the deputies of the people ’s congress for their support and understanding of the town party committee and government. effect.

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