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Municipal Development and Reform Commission window measures to promote high-quality development

来源: 明光市发展改革委 作者:罗巍 审核人:阚乃杭 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-28 08:05 Source: Mingguang City Development and Reform Commission Author: Luo Wei Reviewed by: Kan is the Hang Views: background color:

In 2019, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission handled a total of 372 items, of which 175 items were approved for project approval, feasibility study report, preliminary design, etc., with a total investment of 15.095 billion yuan; 92 were filed by enterprises, with a total investment of 10.19 billion yuan; 15 items were reported; 5 items were reviewed for energy conservation; 85 items were pre-reviewed for the project. As the city vigorously promotes the work of attracting investment, the investment enthusiasm of enterprises has risen sharply, and large projects and good projects have come one after another. The NDRC window actively focuses on the overall development situation, strengthens investment policy guidance, and takes various measures to promote the high-quality development of Mingguang's economy.

Give full play to the leading role of industrial policy. Strictly check and eliminate backward production capacity projects that do not comply with the national industrial policy and the state's explicit order, strengthen communication with relevant departments such as environmental protection, housing construction, natural resource planning, etc., and urge the project to be signed early, start construction, and start production early.

Accelerate the promotion of "Internet + government services". Except for confidential investment projects, the approval, approval, filing of all types of projects, and the related regulatory matters for review and approval are all handled by the online approval and supervision platform, and the "Internet + government service" is fully implemented. For filing projects invested by enterprises, as long as they log in to the Anhui Provincial Government Service Network Online Approval Platform and submit project information, they can apply for filing. After the approval is passed, the project information registration form can be printed online to truly realize "invisible approval". Great convenience to the people and enterprises.

Actively establish the image of service window. The NDRC window actively promotes "on-site services, appointment services, extended services", to provide policy interpretation and application process guidance for enterprises at any time, and to produce "project application tutorials" for reference. Continue to carry out the action of "reduce the license and facilitate the people", clarify the list of application materials, eliminate unnecessary materials, try to reduce the number of errands and increase the sense of happiness and gain of the masses.

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