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Mingguang Municipal Water Affairs Bureau Holds River (Lake) Long Training Course

来源: 明光市水务局(防汛办) 作者:方继捷 审核人:刘帅 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-27 17:39 Source: Mingguang City Water Authority (Flood Control Office) Author: Fang Jijie Reviewed by: Shuai Views: background color:

On the morning of December 26, Mingguang Water Bureau held a river (lake) long-term training course. The meeting was presided over by the director of the Municipal Mayor's Office and the director of the Water Affairs Bureau Xingbao. The leaders of the township sub-districts and the staff of the Mayor's Office participated in the training.

During the training course, the contents were explained in detail about the target assessment documents of the Provincial Department, the detailed rules for the evaluation of the river system in Mingguang City in 2019, the development of the river system and specific requirements. And he affirmed the river-length system work of all townships and streets in 2019.

In the next step, the city of Mingguang will promote the comprehensive and in-depth development of the river-length system, truly learn something, and apply the training knowledge to practical work; combine learning and use, accelerate the work, and implement the ecological priority, green development concept, and continue to promote the river The long-term system goes to reality and goes deeper; grasp the task implementation, strictly supervise and evaluate, strengthen the use of results, and improve the daily river and lake management and protection ability of grass-roots river leaders.

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