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Winter training in the city ’s primary school mathematics party members and teachers

来源: 明光市教体局 作者:董剑波 审核人:陈绍义 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-27 09:47 Source: Mingguang City Board of Education Author: Dong Jianbo Reviewed by: Chen Shaoyi Views: background color:

On December 26, the Mingguang Primary School Mathematics Party Teacher Teaching Basic Skills Contest was held in Minghu School. A total of 22 Party member teachers were selected at various levels to enter the final.

The competition is divided into four parts: theory test, case evaluation, courseware production, blackboard writing and painting. During the competition, participating teachers showed their magical powers, calmly responded to theoretical tests, comprehensively and objectively carried out case analysis, creatively produced courseware, and carefully designed blackboards and paintings. They showed their ability to control teaching materials and classrooms in their own unique ways, demonstrating superb skills. Teaching skills.

This basic teaching contest is a "big training" for primary school mathematics teachers by the physical education system. It is a test of the effectiveness of the theme of the physical education system: "don't forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind". 3. Properly grasp the understanding of the new courseware and new teaching materials, and effectively improve the teachers' teaching material processing capacity, teaching case analysis, classroom teaching level and teaching talents, improve the business ability of the primary school mathematics team as a whole, demonstrate the party member teacher style, and give full play to party member teachers in Mingguang Pioneering role model in the field of primary mathematics education.

It is reported that the physical education system will also organize different major teachers to conduct "big training" activities.

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