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Ye Fangbi hosted the mobilization deployment and key work assignment meeting for centralized production safety regulation

来源: 市应急管理局 作者:锁鸿婷 审核人:胡鑫 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-26 17:20 Source: Emergency Management Agency of the City: Hong Ting lock Reviewed by: Hu Xin Views: background color:

On the evening of December 25, Ye Fangbi, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor of the Municipal Government, presided over a convening meeting for the mobilization of deployment and key tasks of centralized production control, and members of the Municipal Safety Commission attended the meeting.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the instructions of Li Jinbin, the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Zhang Xiangan, the secretary of the Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Xu Jun, the mayor of our city government, on the implementation of centralized rectification of work safety. Ye Fangbi made special arrangements for the investigation and management of hidden dangers in key industries such as engineering construction, fire prevention and control, and transportation.

Ye Fangbi emphasized that at the end of the year, work safety is a heavy task. All units should strengthen the bottom-line thinking and strengthen the sense of urgency based on the "life first" concept, always tighten the string of safety production, and do all the work. Be careful.

Ye Fangbi demanded that all responsible departments should carefully check the list of assessment and inspection tasks of the provincial safety committee and the Shengzhou city safety committee, carefully review them, implement them immediately, overcome lax thoughts, abandon war exhaustion, and do a good job of work safety assessment. .

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