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Our city holds 2020 New Year's Day and Spring Festival holiday cultural tourism safety working conference

来源: 市融媒体中心 作者:程勇 审核人:王卫国 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-26 09:58 Source: City into the media center of: Cheng Yong Reviewed by: Wang Weiguo Views: background color:

On the afternoon of December 25, the city held a 2020 New Year's Day and Spring Festival holiday cultural tourism security work conference to summarize the cultural and tourism market security work in 2019 and arrange for the deployment of key tasks in 2020. Deputy Mayor Zhang Yan attended the meeting and spoke. Relevant persons in charge of townships, streets, municipal departments and cultural tourism operators attended the meeting.

Zhang Yan emphasized that work safety has heavy responsibilities and arduous tasks. Units in various places must further unify their thinking, consolidate their strengths, and conscientiously do safety work in the cultural and tourism areas of the city during the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival. Cultural and tourism production and operation activities run smoothly, safely and orderly.

Zhang Yan requested that all units in all regions should recognize the safety situation, improve their ideological understanding, accurately grasp the safety production situation during the two sections, continuously strengthen the awareness of risks, concerns, and responsibilities, and carefully work on all aspects of safe production in the city's cultural tourism front We must ensure that our thoughts are in place and that deployment is in place; we must keep an eye on the key points of supervision, continue to carry out special actions for the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, improve the registration system of hidden dangers, severely crack down on various types of illegal activities, and ensure that the hidden dangers are properly investigated and problems are corrected; Insist on performing duties and fulfilling due diligence, strictly implement territorial management responsibilities, departmental supervision responsibilities, and corporate entity responsibilities, strengthen joint law enforcement, highlight key areas, key locations, key places, and key links, increase law enforcement efforts, establish and improve security precaution mechanisms, and ensure comprehensive law enforcement In place, departmental cooperation is in place; we must strengthen emergency response, improve emergency plans, strengthen personnel safety education and training, improve emergency handling capabilities, adhere to the duty watch system and accident reporting system, establish and improve the work mechanism of up-down communication, coordination and control, and strengthen accountability Responsibility for the implementation of the investigations, criminal law, to do Mingguang City area of cultural tourism and job security.

At the meeting, some enterprise representatives made statements on the arrangements for production safety during the two sections.

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