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Gather together Mingming and seek common development 2019 China clay mineral industry development investment conference was successfully held

来源: 市融媒体中心 作者:张依依毛禹哲程勇 审核人:袁恒金 阅读次数: Date: 2019-12-24 15:11 Source: City into the media center of: Yiyi Zhang Mao Yu Zhe Cheng Yong Reviewed by: Heng Yuan Gold Views: background color:

Conference venue

the opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

report meeting

Clay Material Industry Development and Park Construction Investment Promotion Exchange Conference

Visit Anhui Sankeshu Coating Co., Ltd.

Visit the Attapulgite Town Planning Exhibition Hall

Visit the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Attapulgite Joint Research Center

Accurate efforts to find cooperation, the development of industrial matchmaking. From December 19th to 20th, the 2019 China Clay Mineral Industry Development Investment Promotion Conference was held in Ming. Experts and scholars from all over the country and representatives of related enterprises gathered to exchange in-depth information on the current status, technology, market information and development trends of the clay mineral industry, promote the integration of the clay mineral industry with downstream industries, and help promote the high-quality development of the industry.

On the morning of the 19th, the conference held an opening ceremony. Pan Donghui, president of the China Non-Metallic Minerals Industry Association, and Wang Yan, the secretary of the municipal party committee, delivered speeches and unveiled the "China (Mingguang) Attapulgite New Material Industry Base" together. Xu Jun, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor presided over the opening ceremony. Wang Wenli, full-time vice president and secretary-general of China Non-metallic Mineral Industry Association, Tang Jingyan, full-time vice-chairman of China Non-metallic Mineral Industry Association, and leaders of the city Wu Shoulian, Zhang Yanping, Zhu Zhiqing, Yang Mingle, Si Xuejun, Liu Jing, etc. attended the meeting.

Attapulgite clay is a rare earth mineral resource in the world. The attapulgite clay new material industry is a strategic emerging industry supported by the state. The attapulgite clay of Mingguang City has excellent quality, special structure, and good industrial foundation. It is the only attapulgite clay with octahedron structure in Asia and the resource base for the development of high-end products. The Attapulgite new material industry is also a rising industry that Mingguang City is focusing on.

Exchanges and discussions are one of the important contents of this conference. At the report meeting arranged by the conference, 16 experts and scholars from all over the country and the company's R & D leaders respectively made "attapulgite and its latest research progress", "Research on the industrial application of functional mineral materials in green building materials" and "helping Practice and Reflections on the Development of the Attapulgite Industry "and other keynote reports. In-depth analysis of the characteristics and development strategies of attapulgite resources in our city, the research and development and application of clay mineral materials, and the current status and trends of attapulgite industry development have broadened the thinking for the scientific research of clay minerals and the transformation of results. The city's attapulgite resource development and industrial development provide a new perspective.

During the exchange discussion, Professor Zhao Xiaofeng from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University said, "Functionalization is a future for attapulgite research, and it is also a future for applications. It has high value-added characteristics. Mingguang should continue to increase investment in functional applications in the future. "In particular, increase investment in research and better connect the market." Said Zhou Lixiu, director of the Mingguang Attapulgite New Material Industry Park Management Committee. "At present, the overall development of Mingguang's attapulgite industry is still in its infancy, and the product grade is relatively low. In the next step, our city will use the platform of the China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association to cooperate with scientific research institutions to develop high-end products, and turn the unique resource advantages of Mingguang's attapulgite into high-end industrial development advantages. "

It is understood that in May this year, the Mingguang Attapulgite New Materials Joint Research Center of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University was opened in Ming Dynasty. The Joint Research Center is focusing on the key technology research on the future development direction of the attapulgite new material industry. In 2019, through multiple rounds of screening, 9 attapulgite scientific research topics were confirmed. At present, the attapulgite photocatalytic and absorbing materials and attapulgite human oral repair materials Research on six projects including attapulgite fuel desulfurization is progressing smoothly, and four invention patents are being applied for. It is expected that two projects will enter the pilot phase at the end of the year. All scientific research results are transformed in situ in Mingguang, which will greatly lead the innovation and development of the attapulgite industry in our city and enhance the added value of attapulgite products.

Establishing a park and a town to promote the industrial agglomeration development. During the conference, the guests also came to Luxi Town, Mingguang City, Waterborne Coatings Industrial Park, Shuangchuang Industrial Park, and went deep into the Attapulgite Town Planning Exhibition Hall, Anhui Sankeshu Coating Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Jiaotong University Attapulgite Joint Research Center. Hefeizhou New Materials Co., Ltd. visited and inspected the city, carefully listened to the city ’s attapulgite industrial park planning layout and infrastructure construction report, learned more about the application fields and market prospects of attapulgite resources in our city, and based on our resources advantage We vigorously promote the combination of attapulgite production and research, help local enterprises transform and upgrade, and help the industry strengthen the market. Shen Peiyou, Chief Engineer of Jiangsu Shengyi Nano Technology Co., Ltd. said, "The bright light attapulgite has obvious advantages, and industry experts collaborate to innovate, which has laid a good technical foundation for the extension of the industrial chain. Innovation can realize the transformation of straw into gold. I believe it will continue Innovation will generate gold benefits from Bright Light ’s attapulgite resources. "

In the afternoon of the 20th, the two-day 2019 China Clay Mineral Industry Development Investment Promotion Conference ended successfully. In the past two days, the participants deepened their understanding of the city's clay resources and attapulgite new material industry through discussions, exchanges, visits and inspections, and strengthened their confidence in investing in the industry. 时所说,“今天的明光,是一方发展的热土、是一方投资的热土,选择明光,就选了未来。明光将会拿出最大的诚意、最优的政策、最好的服务,帮助每一位企业家朋友在明大展宏图,共同谱写新时代合作共赢新篇章。” Our city will, as always, create the best business environment in the Yangtze River Delta region, and sincerely look forward to the arrival of more companies. As the secretary of our city's party committee Wang Zheng said at the conference, "Today's bright light is a hot place for development and a party The hotspot of investment, choose Mingguang, and choose the future. Mingguang will show the greatest sincerity, the best policy and the best service to help every entrepreneur and friend to show their ambitions at Mingda, and jointly write a new era of cooperation and cooperation. Win a new chapter. "

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