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Matters concerning the application of funeral pensions for retirees of government agencies

来源: 明光市养老保险管理服务中心 作者:刘波、曹鑫 审核人: 阅读次数: Date: 2019-03-13 08:32 Source: Mingguang City Pension Management Service Center of: Bo, Cao Xin Reviewed by: Views: background color:

[Attention] How to apply for funeral pension for retirees in government agencies?

The Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau are so clear.

Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the Finance Bureau jointly issued the document "Notice on Forwarding the" Notice on Relevant Matters Concerning Application for Funeral and Pensions for Retired Persons of Institutions and Institutions in the City "(Mingren Social Affairs Office [2019] No. 48). How to apply for a funeral pension for retirees from government agencies and institutions in our city was made clear.

One is to apply by the unit. The document is clear: after the death of the retiree, the insured unit applies to the city's social insurance agency (city pension management service center organ insurance office) to apply for the suspension of basic pensions and fill in a one-time pension when the retiree dies. Standard approval form.

The second is audited by the agency. The one-off pension calculation and payment base is approved by the Mingguang Pension Management Service Center Organ Insurance Office.

The third is the expenses approved by the financial department. The municipal finance is based on the one-time pension calculation and approval base approved by the government security office and approves related expenses in accordance with the policy.

The fourth is to collect more funds. If the insured unit fails to handle the basic pension of the dead in a timely manner and causes overpayment of pensions, the insured unit will recover the overpayment and return it to the special account of the endowment insurance fund of the government agency. After the recovery of multiple pensions, the person in charge of the insured unit held a bank transfer slip and a "Notice of Multi-claim Recovery Recovery Registration", and then applied for the funeral pension in accordance with the above procedures.

It is reported that the procedures for applying for funeral pensions for retirees of government agencies and institutions in our city will be implemented from March 1, 2019. The source of funds will be temporarily resolved according to the original funding channels.

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