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Questions about property charges

来源: 市政府网站 作者:市发改委 审核人:冯然然 阅读次数: Date: 2018-12-02 08:46 Source: website of the municipal government: Municipal Development and Reform Commission Reviewed by: Feng Ran Ran Views: background color:

Dear author,

Hello! The charging standards for real estate residential property in Mingguang City shall be implemented in accordance with the “Administrative Measures for the Charge of Real Estate Residential Services in Mingguang City” published on the website of the municipal government. The link is as follows:

Article 24 stipulates that in the realty service area, the operating costs (including maintenance, maintenance, testing, energy consumption, etc.) of public facilities, such as public lighting, fire protection facilities, landscape water systems, monitoring systems, and unit electronic access control systems, and property enterprises Electricity charges for office use have been included in the public service fees of the property and may not be collected from the owners. The high-rise residential district's elevator operation electricity costs and secondary water supply pressure pump electricity costs are settled according to the actual situation, which can be collected in advance, and the results will be announced on schedule. Please check with the property company.

In addition, in Article 18 of the "Administrative Measures for the Management of Real Estate Service Charges in Mingguang City", property service enterprises shall not charge owners (or property users) any form of decoration management fees and security deposits.

The decoration freight is 1.5 yuan / flat. If there is a lot of construction waste due to smashing the wall, the cost of cleaning is negotiated by the two parties. When the negotiation fails, the owner can clear it by himself. For all clearing costs.

If the property is suspected of being charged arbitrarily, the relevant bill can be reported to the Municipal Development and Reform Commission (Price Bureau).

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