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Interview plan
Date: 2019-08-28 15:41

201 9 年度访谈计划 Ming Guang City's 201 9 Interview Plan

(Subject to actual interview time)  

Serial number  

Interview unit  

Interview theme  

Interview time  


Nushanhu Zhen

Beautiful Village Construction in Zhangping Village

September 2019



Interview with the development of characteristic industries in Sanjie Town

October 2019  


Economic Development Zone Management Committee

Implement the strategy of strengthening the industrial city and comprehensively enhance the platform's carrying capacity

November 2019  


City Statistics Bureau

The first three quarters of 2019

November 2019


Key project construction management service center  

Progress of key projects such as "Top Ten Projects" and "Ten Practical Events"

December 2019


City Investment Promotion Bureau

Development of investment promotion in 2019

December 2019

Host: Office of the People's Government of Mingguang City Organizer: Website of Mingguang Municipal Government Sitemap
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